Stop Ignoring These Important Cleaning & Maintenance Tasks In Your Kitchen

a hand with a a plastic glove holding a cleaning bottle above a wooden surface; Stop Ignoring These Important Cleaning & Maintenance Tasks In Your Kitchen


A quick wipe over the kitchen counter and a sweep of the floor you can see is what we often feel is enough to keep our kitchen clean and well-maintained. However, the truth of the matter is that it’s not the case. Indeed, many other important tasks need to be done regularly to ensure your kitchen stays clean and well-maintained. Just read on to find out what they are.

Cleaning Behind & Under Your Appliances

First on the list is pulling out your appliances so you can clean behind and under them. Unless you already do this regularly or as part of your spring clean be prepared to be shocked and a little bit disgusted by what you find there.

There will be dirt, grime, and grease, as well as a layer of dust on top and this can make it especially challenging to remove. Also, you need to be very careful when you move your appliances so as not to disconnect them. They can also be heavy so get some help or use a trolley if necessary.

Then deal with the dust layer by vacuuming or using a kitchen roll to get most of it. Then attack the grease layer with a cleaner like dish soap as this is full of active ingredients that are designed to easily break down grease. Finally, leave to dry fully before pushing your appliances carefully back into position.

Inside Your Refrigerator

Once you have cleaned behind and underneath your appliances, it’s time to take care of their insides. The first appliance you should give this treatment to is your refrigerator, as it is constantly in use, and stores food and drink items that could become hazardous to your health if they become contaminated.

Obviously, it will need a good clean with an antibacterial spray while all the food is out. It is also a good idea to repair any issues while your fridge is free of food. The good news is you can find out how to fix your refrigerator lightbulb and other kitchen-related maintenance tasks by clicking on the link. You can even watch a video of how to do it so it could be easier.

Inside Your Dishwasher

After cleaning and maintaining your refrigerator it’s a good idea to turn your attention to your dishwasher. After all, if your dishwasher is dirty you can’t expect your dishes to be very clean!

The first thing you will need to do is clean out your dishwasher filter. You should remove it completely and check for any food debris. It’s also important to clean the seals and sides as well as the hinges of your dishwasher and food and scum can gather in these places over time and make them unhygienic.

Next, remove the cutlery basket and wash it in hot soapy water, also checking for any debris. Last of all it’s a good idea to put your dishwasher around empty and on a clean cycle. To do this you can use a dishwasher cleaner bought from a supermarket or you can add a cup full of white vinegar to the top tray which will help the inside of the washer come up sparklingly and clean as well as clean the pipes.

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