a large window with light shining through behind white netting; Classic Decor You Need for Every Room

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Classic decor is less subjective than modern standards and can fit into any room of the home. Shelving lets you curate displays and helps with storage. While wooden flooring and carpet can help a room come together. You’re spoilt for choice, really, so here are some considerations.

Classic Blinds and Curtains

Maybe you want to control the sun like a megalomaniac. Or perhaps you don’t want people seeing you play Just Dance. Whatever the reason, curtains and blinds are the way to go. For centuries these solar shades have saved the eyes of people all over the world. And made watching Netflix much more pleasant on a shiny TV screen. Roman blinds, Venetian, and wooden slats are popular these days. Floor-length curtains can make a room feel much bigger.

Appropriate and Adequate Shelving

Space is at a premium these days. And when you have loads of stuff that won’t fit anywhere else, put your walls to good use. They’re only doing one job holding up your home, so they can do a bit more. Shelving never goes out of fashion and is always a top consideration for any interior design project. More than just storage, good shelving can really add to a room’s aesthetic, and you can proudly display your favourite items, such as photos, trinkets, and books.

Classic Decor Includes Lighting

We have all dreamed of vampire life, but most of us grow out of it. Yet, if you are a dedicated player, you will be glad to know that, early in the 20th century, artificial lighting was invented. This means you can enjoy light just like a day walker. Lighting can make any living space more inviting, and the options are almost limitless. There are class light shades such as pendants, drums, and bowls, all of which are still fashionable and made better with smart lighting.

Wooden Flooring vs. Carpet

42 million trees are cut down each day. This is a stunning figure indeed. But you don’t need to feel guilty when laying down some great wooden flooring because a large percentage of it is recycled these days. Composite flooring is made to look, feel, and even smell like real hardwood. So you can have a classic look without shame. However, if your tootsies are sensitive and you don’t like the cold, there’s nothing like a fluffy, soothing, warm carpet.

To Paint, or Not to Paint?

Walls have been painted since man could lift a finger. And painted walls have become a staple of interior design and decor. Today we have stunning colours that never seem to go out of fashion. And a room can look amazing when painted well. However, there is the issue of wallpaper, and wallpaper is typically used for feature walls these days rather than for adorning an entire room. The choice is yours. But a combination of both looks great when done well.


There are blinds and curtains for every style of room, including classic decor. Also, pay attention to the lighting in a room, and using paint with a feature wall is a timeless and trendy method.

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