A photo of a large cruise ship taken from the air. It is taken at sunset so the sky is orange and blue with a golden glow on the sea

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Summer is very much in the air, and with the school holidays drawing near, you’ll want to start thinking about your holidays. Even if you don’t have children, the summer offers the perfect opportunity to soak up the sunshine with a loved one, or even as a solo traveller, whether it’s a city break or a trip to the coastline.  

It’s been a tough year for all of us due to the cost-of-living crisis and a variety of other factors, but a holiday can provide the best respite. If we look at last year’s recommendations from the BBC, then destinations as varied as Kent and Rome are very much calling. But in many cases, the destination is very much a secondary thing. 

How can this be? Surely a holiday is about discovering a destination, right? Somewhere new and unexplored – what could be more exciting and enticing than that? Well, of course this is very much the case, but a cruise can give you something more in terms of the unforgettable journey it provides alongside the destinations. 

The world is too big not to explore everything

Of course seeing the world is a highly ambitious aim for anyone, whether you happen to be at the start, the middle, or nearer the end of your travelling career. All that said, what’s the harm in trying to reach such an ambitious milestone? 

Of course there’ll be some countries you’ll be unable to reach due to political factors beyond the control of many, but with a cruise, you can see the likes of Hawaii, the Caribbean, Alaska, Bermuda, as well as a wide array of magnificent destinations the world over, including Europe. 

Whether it’s watching the sunset on the Med, or seeing dolphins in the Caribbean, the world seems to open up to something more majestic atop a deep blue sea. It’s a feeling that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else. 

Sure, a city break or a hike through the countryside is wonderful, but imagine being able to wake up to unparalleled skies over the horizon. Best of all, with a cruise you can do it all on board. 

Only the finest…

When you’re on board a cruise, you have the world at your feet in more ways than one. You can grab a drink and party with other like minded guests. Alternatively, you have so much space for family activities appropriate for all ages, from sporting activities to play zones. You can even take a load off in the hot tub, or swim some lengths in the pool if you find the right cruise. 

When you’re looking for the right journey, you can get the best P&O Cruises to cater for all needs, from families, to couples, to singles. It’s perhaps said a lot, but it really is true that life is often not about the destination but the journey. Not only is this true of life, but cruising is pretty much testament to this. 

Never before has such luxury been available to us at such an affordable cost –  it would almost be crazy not to take advantage of a cruise this summer. Explore the world in a whole new light, and create memories that will last an eternity. 

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