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You’ll be much happier and feel less overwhelmed when your living space is tidy and in order. While it’s easy to put this important task off when you’re busy working and raising a family, it’s one that you can’t afford to overlook if you want to feel more satisfied living in your home.

If you’re ready to tackle this project head-on then you’ve come to the right place to learn more. Focus on actions that are within reason and will help you stay on top of maintaining a neat and uncluttered home. These tips will guide you in knowing how to keep your home clean and organised throughout the year.

Establish A Routine

Keep your home clean and organised by establishing a routine. Get in the habit and it will come more naturally and you’ll be less likely to forget about picking up and cleaning. Not only have a set cleaning schedule that you follow but also commit to putting your items that are out, away each night. Deep cleans every spring are important to perform but it’s wise to also make your bed, take out the trash, and empty your dishwasher consistently.

Know When to Call the Professionals

Another way to keep your home clean and organised is to know when to enlist help from the professionals. For example, if you’re too busy to do a deep clean seasonally or require assistance preparing for guests then consider contacting a professional house cleaning service. There are some things which will need a thorough clean a few times a year, carpets are the primary candidate for this. Finding a reputable company offering commercial carpet cleaning services in Salem, OR (or elsewhere more relevant) should be near the top of your list of cleaners to have on hand. Getting the carpets deep cleaned by experts a few times a year can help to lift up the carpet fibres and make it look new, not to mention it will clear out all the deep seated dirt and bacteria hiding in there. You should also contact pest or termite control right away if you see these creatures lingering and hanging out in any of your spaces. If you don’t take care of the issue right away then it can turn into a larger and more costly problem in the future.

Keep the Supplies Handy

Make keeping your home clean and organised easier on yourself by having the supplies handy. Have cleaning caddies you can put under your bathroom and kitchen sinks and in closets or hallways so that you can just grab them as needed. You’ll be more likely to take action if the supplies are conveniently located and you don’t have to go elsewhere to find them.

Declutter Regularly

If you want to keep your home clean and organised throughout the year then you should also plan to declutter your belongings regularly. You’ll continue to accumulate stuff as time goes on and if you don’t keep up with getting rid of the old items then you risk having messy and overcrowded rooms and closets. It’s a great way to spend the free time you have on the weekends, and it will feel good when you’re all done to look around and see a spotless and well-organised home to enjoy.


You must give your home your time and attention if you want to keep it looking nice and tidy. These suggestions will help you stay on top of this important task and ensure that your home is clean, organised, and clutter-free year-round. You’re likely to find that you fall back in love with your home if you’re good about following through with this advice.

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