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Buying presents for our friends and family can be an exciting time for many, and a chore for others. The fear of buying something that won’t be liked or isn’t appropriate can be overwhelming, so it’s important to do plenty of research into your gift ideas and the person you’re buying for, to make sure you’re getting the right thing. Find out what their interests and hobbies are to get a better sense of who you’re buying for, such as if they’re a dog lover. Consider buying a gift centred around their faithful hound to show that you know what they care about, and this can be practical or something fun too. Here are some of our favourite ideas for gifts for dog owners this Christmas time.

Dog Toys

There are lots of different toys and enrichment gifts you could give them. Everything from simple, fun balls to play fetch with to more complex gifts such as automated launchers and interactive toys for younger, inquisitive, energy-filled pups. Whatever you choose to buy, make sure it’s nothing that’s going to get irritating over time like noisy and squeaky toys or something that’s going to get torn to shreds and make a mess by dogs that are prone to doing so. Toys that comes with treats can be a good idea too, as they’ll provide dogs with hours of entertainment.

Collars And Leads

What is more necessary for a dog lover than a lead and collar combo? If you yourself are a dog owner, you’ll be well aware as to how quickly leads and collars can be ruined. Weather, strain from your overexcited dog pulling, and general wear and tear can damage leads over time and therefore it’s always worthwhile having backups as well as a few you can alternate between. Not to mention it can be fun to change up your dog’s style to match your own or to suit different occasions. Consider getting them an attractive, beautifully designed piece like the Aztec dog collar from Blackshaw’s for a modern, stylish look for you and your companion.

Doggy Portraits

Let your friend show off their love for their pooch with a custom, commissioned portrait. There are so many artists out there that can deliver on a request like this, although it’s fair to say they tend to get much busier during the holiday season. You could get anything from a lifelike portrait to an artistic cartoon print, or even a fun anthropomorphised portrait of their pup wearing human clothing like royal garb complete with a crown.

Walking Gear

If your friend spends time on long walks, it might be nice to buy something for them to take with them on those walksbuy something for them to take with them on those walks. Whether it’s something practical such as a bag, or carrier for things like leads and other essential dog items, or perhaps even clothing for those colder months. Walking jackets with plenty of pockets and great insulation are amazing gifts and are often overlooked by those that might not walk every day and instead stick to their normal everyday coats. Walking boots and shoes or insulated socks are also great choices for helping your giftee handle cold or muddy landscapes.

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