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Keeping your kids and the rest of your family safe at home is essential. You should childproof every room and make sure they know not to answer the door to strangers, no matter how friendly they are. Besides this, there are plenty of effective ways that you can secure and protect your home from an array of issues, from weather damage to burglary and beyond. 

Change The Locks

If you are moving into your first home, one of the first things you should do is change the locks. Although the chances of the previous owners coming back are slim, you never know who else could have a key to your front door. 

Changing the locks will give you peace of mind should anyone try to get inside and you and your family can remain safe. If you’re out of the house, any valuables, such as your TV or expensive jewellery are also secure. Hopefully, anyone who tries to get in won’t look for other entrance points. 

Upgrade Old Doors and Windows

But, suppose they are more determined to get inside than you think. If they cannot get through your front or back door, they will look for ways to get in through the windows and other areas, such as through your garage if it is attached to your home. 

This is why it is important to maintain or upgrade these entrance points. Worn-down window frames are too easy to break through, and you can look at repairing your garage door to ensure no one can jimmy it open. You should also make sure you close and lock these doors when you are sleeping or going out, as a wide-open window is an enticing opportunity for burglars. 

Illuminate the Driveway and Garden

As the days get shorter, you are likely to leave for work when, and get home after, it’s dark. Even your kids may encounter this when getting home from school, so you want to find ways to make your driveway and any side paths around your house and garden as bright as possible. 

Decorative path lights are good for this, as they can prevent you from tripping over loose paving slabs. However, they are not the same deterrent as bright security lights are. Motion-activated lights will shine as soon as someone gets too close, which is enough to send anyone running the other way. 

Get to Know Your Neighbours

One way to protect your home that many people forget about is getting to know your neighbours. The friendlier you are with each other, the more you will support and look out for each other, noticing suspicious activity around your street. 

You don’t need a neighbourhood watch system, but you can create social media pages or chat groups to mention anything suspicious that might be a cause for concern. 

Safe As Houses

Creating a safe environment will help you and your family feel more comfortable at home and reduce anxiety while you are away on holiday or even just going to the supermarket. Whether you have just moved into a new home or you know it’s time to upgrade old, worn-down areas, you can find multiple ways to improve your home’s safety and ensure it is as secure as possible. 

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