Thinking About Renovating Your Home? Tackle These Projects First!

Home renovations can be expensive, but the benefits are worth it. Spending a little time and money on improving your home’s appearance will make you feel more content with your living space and give you an increased sense of pride in your property. One question that many homeowners face is what to renovate first when considering a home renovation project. However, down below, you’ll find the four home renovations that will give you the most bang for your buck and make your home look fantastic all over again!

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#1 Replace the windows

The first thing you should consider is replacing the windows. Replacing your old, drafty windows with state-of-the-art replacement windows will not only increase your home’s energy efficiency but also allow you to enjoy improved views of the outside world through crystal clear glass. You’ll be shocked at how much better everything looks inside when sunlight no longer pours in from every crack and window sill! Also, you’ll be surprised at how much money you can save on your energy bills once you’ve installed new, properly sealed windows. If you want to go the extra mile, consider having Blackout Shutters installed for days when you don’t want the house to be all bright!

You could replace the window yourself or hire a contractor if it’s something that might overwhelm you since there are lots of factors to consider when replacing windows, such as styles and placement. Of course, it would also depend on what type of homeowner-renovation skills you possess, but even if all this information just makes your head spin, don’t worry! Your friendly neighbourhood home renovation expert will guide you through every step of the process so all those pesky little details won’t keep you up at night (literally).

#2 New kitchen countertop

The second thing you should consider is a new kitchen countertop. If your kitchen looks like it belongs in the ’70s, then you’re definitely due for an upgrade! While there’s nothing wrong with updating and upgrading appliances and cabinetry, this home renovation will take more time and money than most homeowners can afford to spend on their kitchens unless they are planning a full-scale overhaul of the room.

New counters change everything about how people perceive your entire space, so get rid of those old retro tiles (you know which ones we mean) and get yourself something modern that reflects what kind of lifestyle you live today; whether that be metal or wood finishes, marble or granite surfaces – the choice is yours! Of course, you’ll also want to think about what kind of sink you want and how that will affect the overall design. The possibilities are endless when it comes to new kitchen countertops, so let your imagination run wild!

Be sure to hire a contractor for this renovation because unless you’re an experienced DIY-er, it’s important not to underestimate the difficulty in removing old counters and installing new ones. 

#3 Upgrade the bathroom

If you want to add value and appeal, you should consider upgrading the bathroom. In fact, a renovated bathroom can help you sell your home for much more money in some cases. However, suppose there are functional issues with this room that need addressing, such as leaky pipes or poorly performing appliances. In that case, it’s important to get them fixed before selling so they don’t come back and bite you after purchase by another family!

If not done already, ensure all surfaces, including tiles and grout, are clean and sealed so water stains won’t appear. Add storage shelves near the sink inside cabinets and cupboards and replace the mirror if it’s scratched or foggy.

Homeowners often don’t realize that a bathroom renovation is one of the easiest ways to gain value on their property. There’s no need to make significant structural changes like moving walls around – focus on small but effective improvements instead!

#4 Give the garden a facelift

Giving your garden a facelift is a relatively simple and affordable thing to do that can yield tremendous results. If you’re not one for weeding, planting flowers or trimming trees, then hire someone who is, but if it’s up your alley, then this project would be perfect since the possibilities are endless when it comes to what kind of plants and flowers you want to grow in your garden!

If there are weeds growing abundantly throughout the yard, don’t fret – hiring professionals will ensure everything looks at its best before their next visit and encourage them to come back more often, so they stay well-maintained without any additional cost on your part. 

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