The 3 Top Spanish Islands for Luxury Holidays in the Post-Pandemic World

We’ve all missed holidays and being able to pamper ourselves and enjoy some sun, haven’t we? The stress of the pandemic period and spending so much time indoors has led to everyone dreaming about getting a break from the grey and wet British weather and a holiday in the sun. Enjoying luxurious holidays with your close ones in a stunning location with sunsets, excellent food, and a well-appointed villa with sea views sounds like paradise and a great antidote for the pandemic period we have all gone through.

We have selected 3 Spanish islands you should visit that are ideal and all set up for you to enjoy a memorable luxury holiday you will cherish forever. Read on to find out more about the best Spanish islands to visit for luxury holidays.


The Isla Blanca with its beautiful medieval and 19th century architecture oozes style and class. Ibiza offers holidaymakers stunning views right across the island, especially in the fortified Upper Town area (Dalt Vila) that sits on a small mountain overlooking the town. The island is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site owing to its buildings, iconic shoreline, and the island’s biodiversity and sea life.

Are you looking hard to find a luxury premium villa in Ibiza that ticks all your boxes and provides you with a relaxing holiday experience? We all know that the process of booking a holiday can be stressful, especially when there’s so much choice and different reviews to read through online on accommodation, which may or may not be reliable. There are Ibiza VIP travel services which can assist you in choosing the right villa for you. Ibiza VIP travel guides such as Niche Travel Guides can help to give you some valuable peace of mind when planning your luxury Ibiza getaway by providing you with a bespoke service and booking a luxury villa that meets all your requirements.

So, treat yourself, enjoy a luxury holiday discovering Ibiza and taking in the panoramic views, the Mediterranean ocean, and all the island’s little charms and quirks. A VIP luxury holiday to Ibiza will be exactly the relaxing glorious holiday you have been dreaming of for a while.


Majorca is one of the Balearic Islands that is known for its beaches, impressive limestone mountains, and idyllic coves. There’s definitely plenty of activities and things for you to see and do on a luxury holiday to the island of Majorca. Pop into one of the friendly local art galleries, take a vintage train through the Soller valley, visit the fascinating historic old town of Alcudia with its cobbled streets and stunning ancient architecture. Or why not enjoy a drink and whilst laying back on a catamaran?

Take a holiday in a luxury villa in Majorca to make sure you get some quality much needed down time. Majorca is an excellent option when it comes to selecting luxury island holidays.


Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, is well known for its distinctive rocky cliffs, high peaks, and for the volcano on Mount Teide. Tenerife is also a fantastic island for beach holidays and has some great places to dive.

In the post pandemic world, why not look forward to experiencing a VIP holiday in Tenerife? The island is an ideal destination to enjoy making the most of a luxury holiday in premium quality accommodation, whilst also admiring Atlantic Ocean beaches.

Booking a luxury holiday to a Spanish island is a great way to kick off post-pandemic life.

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