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In a post-pandemic world where countries and visitors are still very wary of travel, it’ll be a fantastic idea to create a travelling for dummies bible. Picture it as a book that tells you everything about travel and discovering new horizons. But the beauty of the book is that it should teach you how to travel without travelling. 

Granted, it might sound counterproductive at first. But bear with it for a moment. We don’t need to be the one that leaves and lives through an experience to dream of new horizons. More important, post-pandemic travel is likely to be utterly, fully, and completely dire. For a start, we may need to apply for a COVID passport, as these have been discussed in many countries. Besides, UK travellers will need to sort out a VISA soon if they want to visit their favourite locations in the EU. Will the EU VISA be similar to the American ESTA, which you might know if you’ve visiting the USA? So many questions and so few answers. So while the world sorts itself out, let’s move on to the Travel for Dummies Bible that encourages travel-free travel. 

bowls of Japanese food on a wooden table; The Travels We Make Without Going AnywhereUnsplash – CC0 Licence

Because someone else will leave and tell you all about it

Hopefully, they will tell you about their adventure. Watching a friend or your older child leave home to embark on an expedition of their own is not easy. It’s heartbreaking, even though you know they will come back. But there’s something else you gain through the process. You will hear about places you’ve never seen before. You might find yourself dreaming of making the same experience or simply fueling your imagination with tier stories. You don’t need to go to dream far. 

Because someone else already left and you might gain from it

Right now, as we’re trying to cope with a never-ending pandemic, heatwave, and the aftermath of Brexit, the bright future we once hoped for feels out of reach. Hint: it isn’t, but there are just too many clouds in the way to see it right now. Nevertheless, in the meantime, you can look back instead of looking forward. Why not learn something from your ancestors? Creating your family tree can be a hugely exciting trip to the past. For instance, someone who lives in the UK can inadvertently discover that a grandparent was born in Ireland. Suddenly, they could gain Irish citizenship by descent, which is good news regarding that pesky EU visa awaiting British residents. Or perhaps, you might find that you’ve got a relative somewhere in the Norwegian fjords. Now, that would be an exciting visit. 

black and white photo of a man and baby with a pocket watch next to itUnsplash – CC0 Licence 

Because you never realised Netflix could be such an educational place

Streaming TV has never been as appealing as during the pandemic. But with a variety of international shows on Netflix, you can safely claim that your binge-watching sessions are educational. In a way, they are. You find yourself exploring new cultures and building new habits as you follow the South-Korean series Crash Landing On You or the Turkish Protector show. You might even crave a bowl of kimchi or one of those delicious Turkish coffees. Exploring from your sofa, what a dream!

So… It’s time to get on and write the dummies’ bible for home travel. Who’s offering to write the first chapter? We’ve already got the prologue lined up.

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