sausages and burgers grilling on a barbecue

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With gathering restrictions eased further and the summer season here, we’re finally able to get together with friends & family again, and begin having fun times like we used to.

Add to that the Euro 2020 tournament being in full swing, when is a better time than to have a garden gathering with a barbecue? A BBQ is one of my favourite things in the summer – I’d have one every week!

We had our most recent one thanks to Jack’s Supermarket and their outstanding value BBQ range – would you believe I managed to buy all of this for less than £40?!

table of items for a barbecue bought from Jack's supermarket including meat, drinks, cheese and bread

Jack’s Supermarket

Jack’s are a part of the Tesco family and have 12 stores across England. All of their fresh beef, lamb, & chicken is 100% British all year round. Their milk comes from a family run farm in Shropshire and the potatoes from a family run farm in Cornwall. All in all they work with over 300 British farmers, growers and producers.

To make shopping at Jack’s even easier you can download their Shop Smart app. Using this you can scan and pack your shopping as you go, then head to the self-service tills, scan your barcode and simply pay!

What did I find in store?

The Jack’s BBQ range was easy to spot with a fair few fridges dedicated to it. Although the day I went to do my shopping there were quite a few Tesco Fire Pit products on the shelves too – I’m not sure if this was because it was a bit later in the day. Saying that, the majority of products I managed to get were Jack’s branded.

Jack's BBQ meat display instore

Jack's BBQ burger display instore
They had a great selection of meat products including chicken, beef and pork; from chicken fillets & thighs, to steaks & skewers, beef burgers & pork sausages and more! There was a broad variety of flavours catering for all tastes too – plain to mild to spicy. Throw in reminders to not forget your chips!

Jack's BBQ sausage display instore

a sticker on a freezer in Jack's supermarket saying "don't forget the chips!"

There were plenty of options for dessert too including cheesecakes, cakes and ice lollies.

What Jack’s BBQ products did I buy?

I walked away armed with no less than 28 Jack’s BBQ items for less than £40, including:

  • side dishes such as coleslaw, potato salad and corn on the cob
  • the all important halloumi cheese (that’s my favourite part of a barbecue)
  • burgers, sausages, lamb kebabs and chicken
  • you can’t have the above without burger buns and hot dog rolls
  • condiments including ketchup and BBQ sauce
  • soft drinks for both kids and adults
  • and a cheesecake for dessert!

a table of food ready to eat at a barbecue

What did we think of our Jack’s BBQ?

sausages and burgers grilling on a barbecue

chicken skewers grilling on a barbecue

a white bowl with chips in, a pot of coleslaw, a pot of potato salad, and a pot of tomato and mozzarella

Every single item of food we had was delicious. My particular favourites were the mozzarella and slow roasted tomatoes pot, the halloumi (what can I say, I’m a cheese fiend!), the Lincolnshire sausages and the minted lamb kebabs. The Bramley apple sausages did fall apart a little whilst cooking but they were still tasty (I just love a Lincolnshire sausage, with coming from there!).

a cheeseburger and a hot dog on a black plate

a piece of BBQ charred halloumi sat next to a burger

Noah even demolished his beef burger and he’s a fussy one!

a child in a red hoody eating a cheeseburger

a child in a Minecraft t-shirt eating a corn on the cob

There was plenty of the cheesecake to go around and for a supermarket cheesecake it did taste cheesy – that sounds a bit odd but I’m sure you know what I mean, right?!

five black bowls with a piece of vanilla cheesecake in each one

What’s your favourite barbecue food? Do you have any get togethers planned?

I was provided with a voucher for the purpose of buying items to write this post. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

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  1. I never knew Jacks was part of the Tesco family. I love their Firepit range. I’m impressed you managed to get so much food for less than £40!

    1. Yes the Firepit stuff is really tasty isn’t it! Such great value x

  2. Oh, this has made me so hungry! I LOVE Halloumi on a barbecue too. That seems like such good value for all that food x

    1. I could literally eat a full block! Lol! x

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