Five Kinds of Wood for Your Hardwood Floor

So, you have decided to install a hardwood floor in your house.  Your first step will be choosing between solid hardwood flooring, which is just what it sounds like, or engineered hardwood flooring, which involves layers of compressed wood, resin, and other substances topped by a thin layer of hardwood.  Engineered hardwood flooring is slightly cheaper and easier to install, but solid hardwood flooring can be refinished many times and can keep your home looking elegant for decades to come.  Both types of flooring have other advantages and drawbacks, too, so make sure to do your homework.  And make sure to consult with a specialist like Roger Hyde Limited, the Dinesen flooring specialists, to help you plan for things like transportation and delivery of very long boards, threshold perimeter details, and subfloor build-up.  


sitting room with hardwood flooring and white and grey furniture

Whichever choice you make, you will need to decide which species of wood you want to use.  There are many attractive options, and there is sure to be one to match your vision for your home.  Here are five excellent choices.  


Oak is one of the harder hardwoods, and it is well suited for use in high traffic areas. It is one of the most popular options. It comes in two distinct varieties, red oak and white oak. Red oak has warm tones ranging from pinkish to rusty brown. White oak has grey tones and streaks. Both are very attractive and suitable for many decors.  


If you are going for a rustic look and want a floor that will stand up to hard use, hickory may be the wood for you. It is one of the hardest woods generally available for flooring. It is so hard that it used to be the preferred wood for gym floors. It features large knots and lots of character, making it perfect for a countrified or even distressed look.  

Cherry and Brazilian Cherry

Cherry is a somewhat softer hardwood and may not be suitable for high traffic areas, but it will bring elegance into any space. It can be a charming choice for places like a formal dining room that doesn’t get as much wear and tear as other parts of the home. Cherry has a pinkish colour that will deepen and darken over time, especially if the wood is exposed to sunlight. Brazilian cherry also has a reddish tone and is substantially harder than other cherry species, making it suitable for more areas of the home.  


expanse of wood flooring with a brick fireplace at the end of the room; Five Kinds of Wood for Your Hardwood FloorBy Pbroks13 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Bamboo isn’t really hardwood. In fact, it isn’t wood at all, but grass. But it can be used as hardwood in flooring and other applications. It comes in a variety of colours and isn’t suitable for wet or humid areas. It can scratch or ding a little more easily than some other types of flooring but can easily be sanded and refinished. It is a highly sustainable material and can be prized out of environmental considerations.  


Maple comes in lighter hues of light cream, beige, and tan and can have reddish tones.  It is a harder wood and is suitable for most rooms. It has a delicate grain pattern and occasional streaks of darker colour, lending it visual interest and making it ideal for large and small spaces. It does not accept stains easily, and if you are looking to apply a particular stain, it may not be your best choice.  

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