The Perfect Pooch: 5 Tips For New Dog Owners Living In The Capital

Welcoming a beautiful new puppy into your life is of course an exciting time, which will bring joy and provide comfort and a companionship, but it is also a great responsibility. Following the events of the past year, having a pet close by has been such a blessing, especially those living alone and in cities with stricter lockdowns, such as London.

Due to the pandemic, many rescue centres and vets saw a rapid rise in the number of people adopting a puppy. When adopting a new canine friend, there are few factors to consider before you bring them home. Here is just a selection of factors to keep in mind when getting a dog, especially those who live in the capital.

Pet-Friendly Zone

Prior to beginning the process of getting a dog, if you are living in rented accommodation, check that pets are allowed. Unfortunately, you might find that some landlords will not accept pets at their property. This is something to keep in mind when looking at getting a dog, and maybe even a new place to live.

Consider The Breed

Although you might have a breed in mind that you just love, whether it is one you have seen on social media or television, it is important to consider if the breed of dog suits your lifestyle. Cocker Spaniels, Border Collies and Huskies are beloved by many; however, these working dogs are better suited in the countryside where they have more space to move about.

The same applies for bigger dogs such as Mastiffs, Great Danes or German Shepherds. Even though they are great companions, it is important to factor in the size of your home, especially if you live in an apartment.

Training Days

There are a number of reasons why training is an important factor in any dog’s life. Not only does it help in improving mental stimulation which will help to keep them happy, but more importantly it helps to encourage ‘good’ behaviour in your canine friend.

Currently, there are a few places which offer dog behaviour training in London to help new owners with training their new puppy. Lewisham Dog Trainer, Cwtches for example emphasises the importance to new dog owners that they should consider a dog behaviour training coach to help with teaching their dog ‘good’ behaviour.

Prepare For The Big City

With a new puppy, allowing them plenty of opportunities to socialise with young and old dogs is important in their development. However, when living in the city there are other factors to consider such as the various situations in the environment like traffic, crowds, loud sounds and travelling in the car.

Consider Dog Day Care

Whilst this might not be an issue currently with a significant portion working from home, when the time comes and we are back to working within an office, looking into a dog day care may be something to consider. Although there are a few dog friendly offices around, if yours is not then finding somewhere for your canine friend to stay during working hours is something to look into.

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