4 Ways To Make Better Use Of Your Garden All Year Round

Once the days get longer and the temperature rises, homeowners across Britain begin pottering around the garden to catch some rays or do some maintenance. 

But spring to summer needn’t be the only time you spend time in the garden or make use of it. There are things you can do to your backyard to make it functional and pleasant all year round, and here’s how.

Create A Retreat

A cozy, summer-, or should we say, all-year-round house is the ideal addition to any garden. During the colder months, we’re often confined to our homes. However, an outhouse, such as those found at www.moderngardenrooms.com, gives you a chance to use a new retreat beyond the house.

Whether to seek peace and quiet, read a book, complete some work, or simply sit and watch the rain pitter-patter on the patio. A retreat shall ensure your garden is being used a lot more than it is today and give you a place to relax and unwind from your home’s hustle and bustle.

Grow Vegetables

We often forget the little haven of a backyard we have, which, with a bit of TLC, could grow you some delicious vegetables, not just in summer and spring. 

seedlings, 4 Ways To Make Better Use Of Your Garden All Year Round Picture by Ja2020 from Pixabay – CC0 Licence

Organic food is difficult to come by without paying a premium. And so, growing your own greens has the added advantage of saving you some money too.

To make your winter garden grow, abound with healthy vegetables – sow hardy winter vegetable seeds in late spring to early summer, such as brussel sprouts, kale, leeks, and broccoli. 

Invite Wildlife

rabbit looking at cameraPicture by David Mark from Pixabay – CC0 Licence

Feeders for birds and habitats for animals shouldn’t only be placed in the garden in the warmer months. In fact, in the autumn and winter, arguably, wildlife needs shelter and food more so than any other season.

To stimulate wildlife to your back garden all year, consider keeping a patch of grass in the garden to grow. It acts as a great hiding place and habitat for wildlife. Also, don’t worry too much about tidying up all areas of your entire garden. Feel free to leave tipped over pots for habitats. 

Additionally, piles of leaves and debris like twigs are perfect for food and shelter for different animals. Equally, piles of rocks, act as little caves for different species and insects.

Fire Pit

A fire pit could be an excellent addition to your garden, to make use of your outdoor plot more. Particularly on occasions such as Guy Fawkes night and Halloween. A fire pit with cozy seating around the edge gives your home another functional space outdoors and a place to entertain guests that can be used all year round.

To make better use of your garden throughout the year, hopefully, the above tips have given you some ideas of what you can achieve. Whether building more homes for wildlife or another room at the bottom of the garden for you, there is lots you can do.

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