3 Things to Remember When You First Start Gardening

3 Things to Remember When You First Start GardeningSource

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, what on earth is stopping you from making the most of it now that summer is well and truly upon us? Yes, the English weather is not the most reliable around, but that is even more reason to get started now. Otherwise, winter will come back around, and you will be another year behind. 

Deciding to start a garden is a fantastic way to give you more to do in and around your house, and the time outside is also excellent for improving mental health and keeping you busy. But if you have never kept a garden before, here are 3 things to remember when you first start gardening. 

The Grass is Just As Important As the Flowers

When people think of a garden, they think of hanging baskets, flowers, vegetable patches, and the resident bees that are essential to the ecosystem. Those unaware of what makes a fantastic garden will neglect the importance of the grass. 

But the grass is just as important as everything else. Indeed, if you consider the garden like a photograph, you could see the grass as an inverted frame that enhances everything else. Because of this, you must rejuvenate your lawn with seeds and fertiliser from expert businesses such as The Grass People. For novices, this is one of the best ways to make your garden look good as soon as possible. 

What Critters Are Around?

Any experienced gardener will tell you that protecting your garden from critters is one of the most frustrating parts. However, you cannot merely plan for everything. Instead, it would help if you understood the most common pests that could impact the growth and appearance of your garden. 

Try asking your neighbours about what they have to deal with, and you can also research how to prevent the impact that these critters will make humanely. You won’t be able to protect your garden throughout the year, but you can minimise the damage and ensure that it looks just like you imagined it. 

Do You Have the Time?

The idea of keeping a garden is something that appeals to many, many people. But out of these people, how many actually have the time to care for their garden? Neglecting your plants and grass is not something you want, so if you’re going to get seriously into gardening, it’s vital that you have, or at least make, the time to care for it properly. 

Finding the time to look after your garden to mow the lawn, prune the hedges, and water the plants will give you something to look forward to every day. It will also teach you more about what makes a successful garden. You don’t want your plants to die, and for all your early hard work to go to waste, so if you are going to start gardening, make sure you stick to it. 

Green Fingers

Like anything worth having in life, a garden takes time, dedication and patience. It is not something that will flourish and sprout overnight. It’s essential to remember this when starting your garden, and it’s also vital not to get discouraged with anything that goes wrong. Everything that happens will teach you more about what it means to garden, and you will avoid these mistakes next time. 

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