The Glaring Problems With The Home During Summer

Summer is on the way and all indicators point to it being an extremely hot one. While we might welcome a little sunshine to brighten the place up, we should also remember just how uncomfortable it can get if you’re unprepared. Here, we’re going to look at ways you can get the home ready for the glaring issues so much sun can cause.

The Glaring Problems With The Home During SummerPic – CC0 License

Add some much-needed colour

If your home is all about the dark and rich colours, then it might be time to take a different approach. The home is going to be bathed in a lot more natural light, meaning that those colours are only going to look more faded as a result. One of the top summer interior design ideas is to brighten it up. If you’re not willing or able to change the walls, then you can opt for brighter soft furnishings and bring a little plant-life into the home, instead. Make good use of the natural light and it can even help the home feel more spacious.

Keeping it cool

While you might appreciate a little more light, the heat can get pretty unbearable and most of us take the wrong approach to deal with it. Opening the blinds and windows only means that the heat from outside can penetrate indoors, instead. Instead, you can consider covering your windows with reflective material on the outside. Adding materials like solar film can help dark it so that less heat and light comes through, but keep the window closed as well, taking care to seal any air leaks that you might find.

Take control of the sun

As mentioned, there’s going to be a lot more natural light, but that’s not always a good thing. If the glare through the windows is getting on your nerve, then you should look at better means of controlling it. There’s no replacement for the right window treatments and made to measure wooden blinds are some of the most effective when it comes to making sure you control light’s access to the home as best as possible. Having some heavy curtains over them can help as well, of course.

Don’t let that garden dry up

A healthy dose of sunlight might just be what your lawn needs but too much light and heat and you’re going to see the colour fade and the grass dry to dust. Make sure that your lawn is getting all the water that it needs. Either be sure to water it every day that there is no rain, or consider getting a sprinkler system that does it for you. There are plenty of water-saving sprinklers now available, so you don’t need to worry about being wasteful. Water conservation is on a lot of people’s minds nowadays, but there are solutions.

Enjoy the sunshine as best as you can, by all means. Just make sure that your home isn’t totally unprepared for it or else what should have been a cause for celebration can become a daily headache.

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