4 Benefits of Owning a Van When Living in the Country

Living in the country is entirely different from life in the city. For one thing, you probably don’t enjoy the services of Uber or similar services for making short trips. Deliveries will take longer and walking down narrow country roads with your shopping bags is not a good idea either.

Here are 4 benefits of owning a van when living in the countryside.

Competitively Priced Van Insurance

As long as you park the van in a safe place that is protected at night, then the chance of a break-in or theft is usually significantly less than in the city. At a time when ‘smash and grab’ represents a real problem in some cities for vehicle owners, getting a little distance and knowing your neighbours means lower crime rates and quite often, a bigger no claims bonus too.

With van insurance, it pays to look around for the best offer. At Quotezone.co.uk, they have done the van insurance legwork for you. They provide multiple competitive quotes on van insurance to find the best option. They also recommend adding an immobiliser for safety and to reduce the premiums more.

Limit Repeated Shopping Trips

When out in the country, journeys tend to be less frequent and the distance is longer too. As a result, it’s useful to have a greater carrying capacity for your shopping purchases.

Depending on how far away the supermarket is, you may even run a chest freezer plugged into the van’s power system to keep chilled food colder and frozen items from defrosting before you get back.

Additionally, having more space in the back allows for greater storage capacity for dry goods and other bulky items to avoid needing to take a second trip.

Handle Debris from Renovation Projects

Being in the country, it’s often the case that you’ll clear out old rooms, tear up the existing decorations, and replace them with something new in a house. Because of these types of projects on older homes, there’s usually junk created which needs to be disposed of at an approved recycling plant.

Transporting old planks of wood and other debris from an active renovation project on an old house would be difficult in a standard car. The boot isn’t large enough and sticking wooden planks on the back seat creates the possibility of leaving splinters in the rear seating compartment. Owning a van to use for these types of activities is beneficial because there’s always some kind of project on the go.

Help Out the Neighbours

While we don’t think much about our neighbours in the city because there’s usually an easy solution at hand, that’s not the case in the country.

Out here, we rely on our neighbours as a backup solution should something major go wrong. It’s useful to offer the use of your van to help them out too. It certainly curries favour for a later time when you may need their assistance on something too.

Owning a van in the county is far more practical than a regular car. It provides greater flexibility in a variety of situations which is particularly useful because you never know what will come up.

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