Botox Treatment For Wrinkles And Age Lines

Wrinkles and age lines. The bane of advancing age in human beings. There will be very few people who age gracefully and much lesser who appear ageless. Apart from these lucky ones, the rest of us have to bear advancing age and its problems. The first apparent ones appearing on the face in the form of wrinkles. Makeup is just a temporary fix and takes a sizeable chunk of time to get it perfect. Repeating the process every single day is a chore and not too friendly on finances either.

You could switch diets, start a healthier lifestyle or become a gym rat. These processes can definitely improve your appearance but take quite a while to bear visible effects. The solution here comes in the form of Botox treatment that can provide a timely facelift to your ageing features. At professionals like Therapie Clinic, dermatologists and skin specialists can offer you a one-to-one consultation on how Botox can help and how many sessions can give you a desirable result.

Though invasive on a minimal scale, Botox treatment is rather simple and painless, and the minor scars left by the injections heal over a few days. There are mostly no changes to diet or lifestyle and the visible results of getting a Botox treatment can start appearing within two weeks. After consultation, if you decide to go for the treatment, the dermatologist will inspect your face and place certain markings at the spots where wrinkles are the most prominent. These spots are the ones where your facial muscles contract and expand the most and cause the skin to form folds. The botulinum toxin used in the treatment can take up to a month to show rather significant changes. This is a compound that’s extracted from a bacterium, dissolved in saltwater and used in an injection form. Based on your physiology and body type, the results might take longer or shorter time to show up. The compound is absorbed into the facial muscles and temporarily paralyses them. This allows the underlying skin tissue to regenerate and fill up the creases formed under the skin.

Contrary to popular belief and some high flung rumours, Botox treatments are only temporary. Yes, they provide rather long-lasting results, but these results can diminish over a couple of months. Since botulinum toxin is an organic compound and not a synthetic filler, it is absorbed by the body and thus their effect also wears off in due time. If you’re just curious about how Botox works, getting a one-time treatment is always an option. If you like the results, your dermatologist can suggest you the number of sessions that you’d have to undergo at certain intervals to keep that youthful look on your face permanent.

People get wrinkles on their forehead, cheeks, jaws and even under their eyes. Even for the same person, over time, the spots where the injections are given can change over time. This is based on how your facial muscles work and which muscles get used more. Your dermatologist will be the best judge of how a session can be used to remove those pesky wrinkles.

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