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Not all men like clothes shopping. If your husband or boyfriend falls into that category, getting them to update their wardrobe regularly can be problematic. Sometimes you need to encourage them a little. There are different ways to do this. Knowing what is on trend and pointing out a few men’s clothing items to them that they may like is one approach that works well.

The latest jeans trends

Jeans 2019 men's fashion trends

Jeans are a fashion staple for men of all ages. If you click here you will see that the skinny jeans trend is coming to an end. Men’s jeans are becoming looser and more comfortable. You will also notice that denim is getting lighter.

Denim shorts

If your man likes to wear shorts, a denim pair would be a good option. They are hardwearing and can be worn practically anywhere. If they do not appeal, a pair of short shorts may. They are a lot cooler to wear than the ones that finish below the knees.

Cropped trousers

However, some men will still want to wear something that covers their knees. For them, cropped trousers are potentially a good alternative for 2019.

A fashionable new suit

This year, when it comes to men’s fashion, elegance is back in style. All of the major menswear designers included suits in their collections. Everything from super formal double breasted designs to casual suits that are designed to be worn without a shirt are available.

Suit jackets 2019 men's fashion trends

If your husband or boyfriend is not keen on wearing a full suit, he may still like the idea of wearing a jacket with jeans or chinos. It is a look that is set to be very popular, again.

T-shirt trends for 2019

The majority of men wear t-shirts. So, there are always plenty available in the shops. Big bold designs are very on trend. Classic polo shirts are an alternative for men that are looking for something a little less casual.

Sling bags

Man bags are gradually becoming more popular. For 2019, it is the sling bag that is set to be the most fashionable option.

Men’s footwear trends for 2019

White sneakers 2019 men's fashion trends

In general, this year, men’s fashion is a bit more formal and elegant, than it has been for a while. So, unsurprisingly footwear has gone the same way. Boat shoes and white sneakers are the main trends. But, that does not mean that trainers are out. A lot of retailers are selling recreations of 90s classic trainers.

Summer jacket trends

When you live in the UK, you need to be ready for all weather conditions. So, a jacket that will keep you dry in a rainstorm is essential for everyone. For men, this year, that means an anorak, commuter coat or Stockholm style raincoat. Another alternative is to buy a fabric field jacket and use the method explained in this video to waterproof it.

Vintage watches

Accessories wise vintage watches are probably the biggest trend. There are plenty of good replicas for you to buy. But, if you prefer something original it is now easy to find reliable reconditioned watches online.

Don’t forget Father’s Day

Most men like receiving clothing as gifts. So, if you have not bought all of the gifts you need for Father’s Day yet, potentially you could buy one or more of the above items. Or, you could have a read here and use one of the ideas for the upcoming occasion!

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  1. Denim makes the list almost every time and I love them also and now the sneakers are also in for a long time I think it would change or atleast it is due, what do you think?

  2. I appreciate your post, denim shorts Cropped trousers, Vintage watches are in trend. Thanks for sharing. Keep Posted!

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