Feeling stressed? Try one of these stress busting ideas

It’s no secret that stress can come at you from a thousand different directions. We all lead such busy, hectic lives it often feels like we’re juggling too many things and the pressure can quickly mount. It’s not easy trying to keep a cool head when you have deadlines to meet, errands to run, the kids to look after and a social life that needs maintaining, it’s no wonder we all suffer with stress from time to time! But just as stress can attack you from all different angles, there are just as many ways to combat it.

So the next time you’re feeling the pressure, and feeling stressed, try one of these stress busting ideas and hopefully you’ll feel a little better!


Enjoy some celebrity gossip

Sometimes, unplugging from your own life and taking a look at someone else’s is a much welcome distraction. So, catching up with celebrities and household names on the red carpet and finding out what they’re wearing at big events like the Met Gala (when is the Met Gala? Click the link to find out!) can help to reset your stress levels and make you feel a little brighter. Head to your favourite celebs Instagram page and check out their stories from the last 24 hours.

Get a facial or a massage


You don’t have to spend big bucks to spoil yourself, but a therapeutic facial or a massage could be just what the Dr ordered. Forget about these super expensive spa retreats, see what treatments are available at your local beauty parlour and spend a good 45 minutes with a clear mind and gorgeously soft skin afterwards.

Go for a swim

When was the last time you hit the pool? Take the opportunity to head to your local pool and swim as many lengths as you can. The sense of accomplishment will be incredible, and you’ll find that your stress levels will significantly decrease with every stroke. And don’t worry about being “bikini-body ready”, you’re not there to sunbathe or to look glamorous – try not to put so much pressure on yourself!

Go to bed early

Yes, the ironing might need doing and it’ll feel like you have a million and one things to do before bedtime, but all those household chores can wait. Once the kids have gone to bed, go and settle yourself down too! If you’re struggling to get to sleep then don’t worry, try listening to an audio book or even some relaxing music for a little while. Try to avoid looking at screens as they will stimulate you too much.



Our muscles get weaker over time, and when we’re sat crunched up at our desks or constantly tense through stress then that can make use feel irritable and even more prone to an injury. Regular stretching keeps your muscles active and increases the blood flow around your body, which can help with any tension you’re feeling. Check out some videos on YouTube and introduce some stretching exercises, yoga or Pilates into your daily routine.

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