How to stay healthy and fit during travel

It is scientifically proven that travelling can be a very peaceful and healthy endeavour that can make you feel great. However, you need to take certain steps to make sure you stay healthy and fit during your travels. Explore the new area around you and take part in exciting activities. Taking care of your well-being is an essential part of travelling.

Do not compromise on your health

Most people ignore sleep in hopes of having more time for fun. While this may work a little while but it’ll leave you terribly exhausted. This exhaustion can make you ill if you don’t take care of yourself. I’m guilty of doing this and ended up getting so sick on one of my trips to Bangkok. Due to that, my best friend had to urgently book flights to Bangkok from London to drag me home. So take note and follow these points to stay healthy and fit while travelling.

Wonderful meditation

Taking care of your body is not enough. Your mind and spirit need some attention as well. All three of these can benefit from just a few minutes of meditation. Try to find peaceful and natural spots around your vacation destination to make meditation ten times more effective. Buddhist monks in Thailand treat it very highly as it is related to their beliefs. Besides, the beautiful scenes I saw while travelling to Bangkok urged me to try meditation, which by the way made me feel better than ever. You can even go on a day trip to some natural reserve to get that quality Zen time.

Beauty sleep

Sleep is one of the most important factors in making you feel good. Adjusting to time-zones and getting rid of that jet-lag has only one cure: sleep! After you spend some time exploring around, make sure you get some peaceful shut-eye to wake up the next day with full energy. And by no means should you reduce your sleep time just to get some extra hours of fun. Balancing your schedule will allow you to enjoy things with an active mind and a healthy body.

Keep up a good pace

Similar to maintaining your sleep schedule, it’s a good thing to set a pace for your trip. Take it easy when travelling around. Plan out your day and take breaks at regular intervals to recharge your energy. If you get hungry, try to avoid any raw meats and oily food as they usually end up making you sick. This happens because your body isn’t used to the new time-zone and environment change. If you rush things too much you will end up extremely tired or will be more susceptible to falling ill.

Walk, walk and more walk

Walking is a healthy way of exploring and it lets you take in the foreign atmosphere even better. It’s also an excellent exercise so whenever possible, let your feet guide you to your next destination. You can also take advantage of any walking tours available. This manner of travelling also goes easy on your wallet as you save money on random cabs and such.

Eat healthily

Food is the sustenance of life so eating well is key to staying healthy. Try to add more fibre and veggies in your diet while travelling as it’ll help you digest things better. You should also avoid extreme heavy or greasy foods. And of course, make sure to eat from a place that already has customers so the food is freshly made. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never miss breakfast as that is the single most important meal of the day.

Water is the essence of life

Change of water can really make things uncomfortable for you. You may not feel it immediately but trust me, it takes effect soon enough. To avoid that trouble and save money on buying countless mineral water bottles, try to get one of those reusable water bottles with a built-in filter. All the walking and adventuring requires that your body stay hydrated. During your travels, you should give priority to drinking water as opposed to sweet drinks or alcohol. Besides not being able to sleep because of a sugar rush or waking up too late because of a hangover kills all the good fun.

Hygiene first

Most places may not have good hygiene so it’s smart to carry wet napkins and hand sanitizer. If the places get really rainy in monsoon, like Bangkok, then keeping an insect repellent is also a wise choice. If you’re visiting a super sunny area or perhaps the beach in some city, then a good sunscreen will protect you from the blazing sun. Along with these necessities, you should also make space for basic first aid items in your travel bag, like Band-Aids. Being prepared is always a good idea especially if you’re travelling far from home. Better be safe than sorry.

Make sure you have your travel insurance

This will protect you in case of an emergency. Being stuck in a foreign country, possibly with a completely different language than your own can be a very stress-inducing experience. Therefore, invest in travel insurance so you can be provided with assistance and healthcare in case something goes awry. Another little thing that’ll save you from a bad situation is to keep a copy of your original passport while you keep your original one secure somewhere. In case of theft or misplaced bags, you will at least have your passport safe. A hassle-free journey naturally saves you from stress-induced ailments.

Indulge in what you find fun

During your travel, not everything will appeal to you yet something that may not be considered anything special might catch your eye. I suggest that you indulge in whatever piques your interest. After all, your travel should benefit you the most so whatever makes you happy is worth the effort and time. Besides, if you’re happy then your mind will be at peace, improving your overall wellbeing. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical  health.

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