Greek Islands You Have To Visit This Year

Greek islands you have to visit this year


Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, and if you are starting to search for your summer getaway, Greece is always a great choice for the whole family. The mainland of this wonderful country includes places such as Athens, Olympia, and Kalamata which all offer some amazing sights and the opportunity to learn more about the ancient people who once ruled here.

However the mainland isn’t the only option for travel, and in fact, Greek island cruises and holidays are some of the most popular of all. If you want to take a trip to one of the Greek islands but cannot decide which one, here are some of the best options for you to consider.


Santorini is perhaps one of the most famous of all of the Greek islands and it is no surprise why. This stunning little place contains the most unique white and blue buildings scattered over its hilltops, and the people and activities you can enjoy here are first class. You’ll be able to enjoy amazing boat tours, wine tours, diving, climbing, and some gorgeous beaches. Whether you are after an action-packed trip or a relaxing getaway, this is the ideal place to be.


Mykonos is one of the more pricey amongst the islands, however, it offers some of the most stunning views as well as some really beautiful accommodation which is one in a million. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches. The town here is quaint and cute and will often have people selling fresh foods for you to try.

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Crete is the biggest Greek island of them all and it has a lot of beaches, cities and hiking trails for you to enjoy during your stay. You’ll be able to visit some amazing historical sights along the way and experience some of the tastiest authentic Greek food you’ve ever tried. You could easily spend a week or two here with the sheer volume of things to see and do.


If you have a couple of little kids with you on your trip, this is one of the best options for a family holiday. There is an abundance of wonderful family activities to do in the city and on the beaches so your kids will never get bored. You can also enjoy a drink or two in the evenings at one of the many tavernas on the island. In Naxos Town, the beach is incredibly shallow which makes it ideal for small children.


For a couple who are after a romantic getaway for a week or so away from the roaring crowd and children: this is the perfect spot. Antiparos is only accessible via a boat which comes from Paros, which means it is much more secluded than the other choices on our list. You’ll be able to enjoy a quiet beach holiday with the people you love with no distractions or crowds.

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