The Only ‘Terrace Furniture’ Guide You Need


Beautiful terraces and patios have become a modern-day dream. There are many ways to fulfill this dream of yours. Some are easy, less expensive hacks and some are the ways that can be as expensive as you may like. Nonetheless, every trick transforms your terrace into a living dream that never misses an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your family and friends. Following are the hacks that should be your all-time go-to guide for your new patio.

Dining Table

This is one essential element in your terrace décor project and can have many variants. A dining table in your terrace can enhance your experience of the sun-kissed breakfast as well as a candlelit dinner. A mini low-lying two-seater table for a small terrace fits well. You can also use a foldable dining table set to avoid the harshness of the weather on your furniture. For a spacious terrace, a six or an eight seat table works well. You can also play around with the material. Teak, rattan, wrought iron and plastic; the list is long.



This is the perfect partner for a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you dream about basking in the sun with a glass of juice in one hand and a book in the other, then adding a hammock to your patio could be one of your best decisions for the décor. It can be nicely hung on a side of your terrace along with other furniture. A white coloured hammock for a cool look or a bright coloured hammock for an extra punch of colour in your terrace; either way a hammock is a great choice.


Painting your furniture is as essential as painting your walls to get the complete look. You can either use varnish for your entire furniture or choose to colour it with single or different colours. If you are going for a monochrome theme then entire black or entire white are the two most chosen ones. You can even paint the accessories in the same colour. For a colourful theme, you can either go with pastels with white highlights or bright summer colours with white or black highlights.



A little birdcage is the prettiest thing people use on their terraces. A white, black or metal colored birdcage made in wood or metal can be put anywhere in your layout. It can be hung to your furniture or placed on the centre table, and can also be used as a candle stand.


For the people who love house parties, having a barbeque setup at the terrace becomes essential to have. Terrace parties are one of the most cherished moments in everyone’s lives and the memories stay with us forever. Whether you are planning a small party or a wild bachelor or bachelorette party, a barbeque is your go-to the kitchen on the terrace.

Tables, sofa and chairs

Instead of having one large dining table you can go for multiple smaller ones too. A simple marble or stone slab resting on a platform can transform into a beautiful table. Small logs of wood also come in handy as a table and a chair if you are going for a rustic look. Low lying sofas covered in faux-leather make a very cosy sitting area. And, if you like a bachelor look then you can simply choose bean bags with a low rise centre table. Foldable tables and chairs are a great option in many ways. First, they save your storage space. Secondly, they can be easily moved around. And thirdly, they have many hooks and extensions attached to them which can come in handy as cup storage, hooks to hang table mats and much more.

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You can have flooring especially made for the terrace. Depending on the type of furniture you have, wooden flooring goes well for an old rustic look or even a classic rich look of nature. Tiles work well with various colour schemes and marbles and granite give you the great minimalist look.


Artificial flowers

Indoor or outdoor plants and trees are an aesthetic brilliance. If you can just smartly put plants around your terrace then most of your décor desires get fulfilled. Plants are known to soothe your mind and soul and are a smart choice to have around you. You can choose from a wide variety of plants and trees and can have the pots made at home with white cement for a unique look. If you do not want to go through the hassle of maintaining your flora then you can also opt for artificial trees, artificial plants, and even fake flower arrangements. These are very lifelike and often get confused for the real ones. You also have all those exotic options of seasonal plants which you lack in the real ones, boxwood topiary being the hot favourite.


Your terrace décor is incomplete without a subtle sculpture. The sculpture can be any everyday object, a molten metal caricature or even a tree root or branch. Sculptures can also be made at home with the help of white cement or clay.

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If you want to take your décor to the next level then installing a pergola can be it. You can use the pergola to create a unique shaded area on your terrace. To add to the beauty of it, you can allow creepers to cover the area. The best-suited creepers can be grapevine or bougainvillea. You can also colour your pergola according to the theme or leave it as it is.

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