The Modern Twist A Country Home Needs

The rural life has plenty of tremendous benefits. You’re surrounded by plenty of gorgeous greenery, clean air, and nowhere near the amount of litter and disturbance you get in more crowded areas. However, old country homes might not be the most convenient and comfortable of places, especially when you first get them. Here, we’re going to look at how you can upgrade and update your country home without sacrificing any of that good old rural charm.

Country house

Comfort is crucial

A lot of rural homes are built to withstand the environment. The builders knew it was much more open to the wind, cold, and rain, so they built it to stand strong against it. However, time works its magic and, though the walls might be as secure as ever, your home may have weak points. Air leaks in the windows and doors are most common, so replacing them with more efficient, secure openings with the help of teams like may be essential. Don’t neglect your roof, either. A loose, chipped or cracked tile will not only make the home a lot colder in the winter, but it also serves as the perfect penetration points for leaks, which can lead to a damp problem throughout the entire home.

Make use of that natural light

Just as you are more exposed to the elements, you’re also a lot more exposed to natural light, which can be both a strength and a weakness. Get rid of the weakness but ensuring you have comprehensive window treatments like shutters or blinds so you can close it out when you need to. Make it a strength by installing larger windows and sun windows through the roof so that you can let more in when you need to. Letting more natural light in can help you keep the home as well-lit in the winter as possible and has the added benefit of making a home look a lot more spacious and warmer.


Keep it simple

With many of the architectural features of the average country home have plenty of charm to justify them, some of them look well outdated and have lost what functionality they might have had. If you’re aiming for a more contemporary feel in the home and opening it up to natural light, then old, faded materials won’t be the most flattering, either. Create a sleek, modern look by using cladding to cover up old brick walls and switch out carpeted floors for laminates or hardwoods to maintain the natural look while also making it much easier to clean and more convenient. A more minimalist style can really help you open up the potential space trapped in some of the smaller rooms that most country homes tend to have, as well.

Tech the control back

If you’re talking about modernising the home, then you can’t ignore the role that technology has to play. Nowadays, technology can help us not only control the climate, security, and lighting in the home, but it can connect it all together. Smart home and home automation teams like can connect all kinds of different appliances and devices together. The lights, the heating, the blinds, the locks, the TV, radio, and more can all be controlled from a single point, even when you’re out of the home. It can make the home more convenient than you might have imagined possible so that creating that perfect home environment is as simple as the flick of a switch.

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Open up some room

As mentioned, some country homes are a little smaller. There’s a lot you can do to open up space, however. You might not even have to go as far as breaking down a wall. Low ceilings are a significant issue, so work with teams like to remodel and raise it, to offer yourself some more head room. Make use of some of the odder architectural features and spaces in the home as well. You can fit bespoke storage solutions like shelves and wardrobes into odd, unused alcoves and corners so that you can make use of an unused space, get rid of an architectural sore thumb and also open up more room since you don’t need as much storage furniture.

With the tips above, you should be able to achieve all the comfort and convenience of modern living without having to relocate to the nearest city. Now, all that’s left to do is to truly appreciate your country home without all of the downsides getting in the way and distracting you.

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  1. A new modern, farmhouse kitchen sink, up-to-date faucets, and modern-style bathtub. These are great ways to bring a modern theme into the spaces without taking away from the original farmhouse look.

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