Winter Health Tips for Young Couples

We all feel the lack of sunlight and heat in winter, and hence the lack of energy. How to deal with this state of apathy, how to support your body during these cold winter days, and where to gain energy and find a source of strength for important things in this difficult period for the body?

We all feel the lack of sunlight and heat in winter, and hence the lack of energy. Your body becomes tired all the time, you have to hide from the outside in your cozy bed, but how do you keep up the no

rmal daily regime during this period? We discussed this with the doctor, candidate of biological sciences, associate professor, and a specialist in Ayurveda, Matthew Lane.

The doctor told us about 5 basic Ayurvedic principles that will help make this frosty winter as productive and rewarding for the body as other seasons:

Create a proper daily regime

Create a proper daily regime

In winter, a proper daily regime is especially important. There is more night and less day – naturally, your body has more opportunity to relax.

The winter period is not intended for intensive loads of work. Therefore, people who actively relax in the summer and immerse themselves in work in the winter make some mistakes. In winter, people should work moderately.

In addition, during winter, the time of sunrise comes later, which means that your senses get shifted as well. Ayurveda says that daytime sleep during winter is quite harmful; it slows down the metabolism and weakens your digestive system. It can be quite hard to keep a proper daily regime, as many things get in the way; it’s the same as going to the gym in many ways, yet the best solution to this is to have a partner that will always be there for you to push you forward and motivate to continue on. Thus, be sure to visit to meet that someone in your life and enjoy the best of what this life has to offer.

Start the day with exercise

Start the day with exercise

After waking up and the necessary hygienic procedures, we must work out with morning exercises. Workouts are really important during this period of the year – the body becomes colder, it relaxes easily, and that’s why you should shake it up every so often. Any exercise will do, yet they should be repeated a few times a day to kick-start your body. Exercises improve blood circulation, warm you up; they give you the much-needed boost of energy during these cold days.

Do not forget about breathing exercises

The respiratory system is very vulnerable in winter. Therefore, breathing exercises are also useful during this period. It is recommended to breathe for 3-4 minutes through the right nostril – this helps to warm up and improve blood circulation. An improved respiratory system will help you a lot; the days are harsh, and you should come prepared.

Start to appreciate simple human communication

Start to appreciate simple human communication

A limited amount of sunshine and heat is as harmful as an emotional connection. Therefore, it is better not to be alone in this cold time. We need to try as much time as possible, especially during the coldest of evenings, to spend time with family, friends, and relatives.

However, a live chat is not about watching TV together or browsing the Internet in the same room. It is important to fully communicate with each other. Invite your friends for some tea, tell them about how your day went, ask them the same, and enjoy each other’s company. is yet another great source of everything related to health and all the possible ways to support it during winter and the entire year.

Find time for love

According to the Ayurvedic concepts, winter time is most preferable for sexual activity. In summer, it is recommended to limit it and increase it a little in winter. Since it is associated with the energy of life, you should be doing it more often. In general, be sure to spend grey, snowy evenings with your partner.

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