What To Look For In The Best Gas Grills On The Market

Every family has a backyard barbecue experience that children and adults both enjoy. Your family bonding is strengthened by choosing the best gas grill so you can prepare the best-grilled foods your family truly love. The happiness and success of a barbecue party comes down to the features and performance of your gas grill.

A standard gas grill is perfectly fine for cooking hot dogs and burgers. However, you need one with a higher temperature range for sizzling steaks and grilling fish. Surely, you want the signature sear marks on the meat?! Indirect cooking is a method of slow-cooking tough or large cuts. This type of cooking is done by placing the meat, like pork or beef cuts, next to the fire and not over it. What are the important things you need to look for when choosing a new gas grill on the market? Let’s find out!

Important Things to Consider When Shopping For a Gas Grill

Gas grill, barbecueDurability

Test the durability of a grill by jostling the assembled rack from different points. Inspect the lid, wheels, firebox, and the cart. A good material is stainless steel. Opt-out of painted steel. A full axle wheeled cart is better than those individually bolted to the frame. For easy maneuvering, look for a grill with wheels or casters in all corners.


It’s crucial to prioritize safety when using a grill. Sturdy grills aren’t just perfect to withstand every grilling session, but they’re generally safer too. To avoid tipping, check the stability of the grill. Eliminate brands with sharp edges and corners, most especially if you have children at home. To test the handle, see to it that your fingers or knuckles shouldn’t be too close to the lid. While some flame flare is just normal, there’ll be fewer sustained flare-ups when the distance between the burners and grates are greater.


Many manufacturers design and develop large casting to impress customers, but the burner is small. What does this mean? Don’t be enticed because you’ll end up having many hot and cold spots. Keep in mind that the number of burners doesn’t determine the cooking performance of a gas grill. It describes how well the heat is evenly distributed across the grilling surface.

What to Look For in a Gas Grill

Cooking on barbecue


Burners usually last 2 to 10 years. There’s gas grills with burners having ten year warranty, so you can expect them to last longer as compared to those that don’t offer any form of guarantee. Infrared burners don’t sear better than traditional gas burners.

BTU Per Hour

British thermal units or BTU tells how much a gas grill utilizes and creates heat. A good BTU doesn’t necessarily mean better cooking. It’s not a determinant of how fast the grill will heat up or how well it can sear a steak. However, it’s a crucial factor to consider when it comes to saving gas.

Flame Tamer

Make sure the flame tamer entirely covers the burner because the salt and grease coming from the food can cause damage to your grill. Your burner will burn out faster if it’s exposed. The flame tamer should be over the gas grill burner directly and not to the side. As much as possible, stay away with lava rocks because they don’t hold heat evenly. Some manufacturers place lava rocks on the side of the burner which defeats the purpose.

Cooking Grids

Check the material used, whether it’s porcelain coated, cast iron, or stainless steel. Most work well with proper cleaning maintenance. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for appropriate use. However, never brush the grids off when hot because porcelain is fragile in a heated state. It will cause chipping and rust formation. Stainless also rusts. People who are living in areas with high humidity can benefit from aluminum or stainless grills that usually last longer than those who live in a low humidity state.


A high-quality grill should reach at least a temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Like what FireFoodChef’s guide advises, it’s important to get your steak on and off the gas grill as soon as possible to prevent drying out. Look for one that can also grill delicate food at a low temperature.


Knowing the best gas grills on the market can make your life a lot easier when it comes to shopping for a new one for your personal or family use. In the end, you need to consider the quality, durability, and safety of the grill. Also, you need to look for the temperature settings, heating capability, flame devices, and the number of burners. By doing so, you’ll be able to choose the right gas grill for a more enjoyable grilling experience ever!

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2 thoughts on “What To Look For In The Best Gas Grills On The Market

  1. Hello! Great article!

    I used to sell grills for about 4 years as an employee of Lowes. I know Wever is the best gas grill on the market.

    Most other brands are made with cheap stainless or cast iron and rust out fairly quickly. I also can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people return gas grills because the burner tubes have malfunctioned to the point that the thing caught on fire.

    Also…a tip to prevent grills from rusting…wait until the thing cools off before you close the lid. If not, condensation builds up inside, especially if it’s cold out. Water + metal = rust.
    Judith Fertig recently posted…Top 10 Best Pellet Smoker & Grill Reviews for 2020My Profile

  2. My uncle has been thinking about cooking outside more in the summer and trying his hand at cooking burgers or a Barbeque. His wife has talked to me about getting a grill from a professional so that it will look a lot nicer and she thinks that she is going to get one that runs on gas. I’ll be sure to tell her about how she should have a flame tamer that is flat and will provide cover for the grill so that it will last a lot longer.

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