“How did we get out of your tummy, Mummy?”

“How did we get out of your tummy, Mummy?”

How did we get out of your tummy mummy

This is the question the boys asked last week. I’ve never really thought about what I’d say as an answer to that question as to be honest, I was expecting the “other” one first. So I sort of just went with the flow. As you do when actually giving birth…

Me – “Well, you came out of Mummy’s minnie.” 

Why do I even use that word? It’s so… cringe! Anyway…

Boys – *Giggles*

Me – “I had to push you out. It was just like when you have a big poo, but from the front!”. 


Boys – *More giggles*

And that was the end of that. Phew! Now I’m just waiting for the time when they ask the other question – “Mummy, how did we get IN your tummy?”… Honestly, I have no idea what I’m going to say to that one. I’m hoping they’ll ask Daddy!

Mummy, how did we get in your tummy?

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I had to share this conversation – and get some ideas – so I took to some other bloggers to ask what their answer to that question was…

I told my Son that Daddy planted a seed in Mummy’s tummy. He asked if Daddy put it up my bottom! Not sure it works that way. Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

My 7 year old still hasn’t made the connection. We have a book about pregnancy and it just talks about the man’s sperm getting to the egg which then makes a baby. Nothing about how the two meet. It’s only a matter of time I guess. Counting To Ten

I’ve explained it as ‘making the magic’ as making a baby is pure magical. We need daddy’s magic to make the baby. Renna’s Discoveries


We live on a farm so we never really have to go into too much detail because they have seen animals do it. I have heard tales from other farmers though of children referring to giving birth as calving 😂 I am all for honesty but maybe not in too much detail. Farmer’s Wife and Mummy

Having seven children, we have had the talk quite often, but each time it gets extra bits added from their siblings, which is always hugely entertaining, plus they all have PHSE lessons at school from age 9 which explains any parts I’ve missed out! Big Family Organised Chaos

My 3 year old asked me “Is there a baby in your tummy?”. “No but mummy’s grow them in their tummy’s like a big balloon”. “Does it pop and the doctor gets out the baby?”. “Yes something like that”. I didn’t know what else to say. 😬 Nippersnips


I say that mums have eggs inside them and when they’re ready they grow into babies. More details as they get older. Yorkshire Tots

When they’re little we use the “when two people love each other very much they have a special cuddle” sort of description but we’re pretty open about what everyone’s bits are in quite general terms. No cabbage patches or storks in our house! DadGeek

I have to say, that gives me some ideas! What did you say when asked the “How did I get in your tummy?” question? Please share in the comments below!

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