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Brian the Lion Goes into Space

Being a bookworm myself, I’m glad the boys are just as into books as I am. Unlike their daddy, who has been reading the same book for a number of years! They’re always asking to go to the library, and I make sure they have at least one book read to them at bed time. Although, Jacob has started reading for himself most of the time now, which I’m super proud of. Recently the boys were very kindly sent a copy of Brian the Lion Goes into Space.

Brian the lion is tired of hanging out with his pride – all they do is sleep all day long. While they snooze, Brian gazes at the stars, dreaming of going into space. He can’t believe it when his loved ones, tired of his moaning, present him with a DIY rocket so that he can fulfil his dream. Zoom – he’s off! After looping the loop, Brian soon lands on a moon near Saturn and meets small green gnomes who make him rainbow-coloured food and speak in a strange language, and their dragon Norris. Though things are exciting for a while, Brian is soon missing home, even the boring bits. What will Brian do? Will he stay in his new space home or return to his pride? Featuring one of craft expert Tracey Radford’s adorable animal creations, Brian the Lion Goes into Space is a sweet tale, with a wonderful moral message, that will be loved by young children.

Our thoughts

The cover of the book is so appealing that both boys wanted to read it straight away. Though I say read, they – especially Noah – like to look at the pictures first to get an idea of the story. The unique feature of this book is that all of the pictures are origami creations by the talented Tracey Radford. Everything – including the animals, rocket and landscape are made from origami and paper and photographed, which makes this even more special.

Brian the Lion Goes into Space open

The basic story here is that Brian the Lion is bored of life in his pride. All they do is sleep! He spends his days dreaming of new adventures, particularly going into space. So, his family buy him a DIY rocket and off he goes! Once he’s there though, everything is rather strange and he misses his family. He longs to be back at home where everything is normal to him. The moral of the story is, that there is no place like home.

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This is one of the go to books for the boys now, and at 6 and a half years old, Jacob often reads it by himself. The imagery is bright & wonderful so draws the children in, and it’s full of rhyming, expression and excitement for younger children.

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Age – 4 – 7 years
RRP – £9.99

Our rating – 5/5

We were sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & our own.

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