Financial matters in relationships

When The Husband & I met we were both working, but I was only 18 (he was 26) and I was off to Uni a few months later. So, we didn’t really discuss money. We both had our own, but he bought me things, and I bought him things. In those early days, we had no debts. But as the months went on and he liked treating me because I was a (poor) student living away from home, things slowly started getting harder. And then when I left Uni and we moved in together properly, it spiralled more than it should have done.

Maybe if we had spoken to each other about financial matters and money at the beginning of our relationship, we would have been a lot better off. Ferratum have done some research into what matters in love and presented the results in this infographic.

Financial matters in relationships 1

Financial matters in relationships 2

Financial matters in relationships 3

I find it really interesting that only a quarter of women would discuss financial issues in the first 3 months of a relationship, compared to almost half of men. Though, I think that this could go hand in hand with the fact that just over two thirds of women would rather keep quiet about their monthly spending habits, compared to just under half of men.

It’s good news though that more than half of both genders don’t argue about money matters – maybe more discussion is needed between the others!

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