Cooking hacks for kitchen novices

Cooking hacks for kitchen novices


There are many people who love being in the kitchen every night creating new recipes and having fun with flavours, and there are also people who have managed to burn a pan of boiling water in their lifetimes.

If you are a kitchen novice and you want to start learning how to cook for yourself and your family, there are many inventive kitchen cooking hacks which can help you through. Today we are going to look at just a few which you can use in the kitchen for an easier time cooking this week.

Boiling or non-boiling water?

When you come to boil foods in a pan, there is always the question of whether to start off with cold water and heat it up on the stove or wait until the water is boiling to add your ingredients in. There is actually a clever saying which helps answer this question: if it grows under ground, use cold water; and if it grows above ground, use boiling. So for example, if you want to boil potatoes, these grow underneath the ground, so start with cold water. Pasta, however, is made from wheat which grows above the ground, therefore this should be placed in boiling water.

Check egg freshness in water

Eggs are one of those foods which a lot of people are a bit scared of because you can never tell when they are rotten until you open them… or can you? There is a simple hack you can use to test whether or not your egg is still good to eat, regardless of the best before date on the box. If you are beyond the best before date your eggs will likely still be fine for a while, but you can test it with a jug of cold water. Fill a jug and then drop the egg into the jug gently. If it sinks to the bottom, it is fresh; if it touches the bottom but sort of floats, you need to use it soon; and if it floats, it is rotten.

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Use dental floss to cut food

One of the things which can annoy many people in the kitchen is when you are trying to make bread or cinnamon rolls and the knife you use squashes the mix as you cut into it. You can avoid this issue by using dental floss to cut through softer foods and still leave them intact.

Prep foods for the week

If you are going to be eating foods such as rice, quinoa, beans or potatoes during the week, you can cook a huge batch on Sunday night and then store these foods in the fridge to save you cooking time during the week. If you are on a diet having food ready in the fridge can also help you to stay on track and not be tempted to make something unhealthy. Air tight OXO containers keep food fresh during the week so you can invest in some of these to make your life easier.

Freeze herby ice cubes for flavour

If you love to add fresh herbs into your meals every week, you can save yourself time in preparing the herbs by chopping a batch up and spreading it across an ice cube tray. Once the herbs are inside, you can pour olive oil over the top and then pop them in the freezer until you next need to cook. It means that you have a flavourful oil to add to your dish without any effort at all!

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