What To Look For In A New Garden Fence

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A new garden fence can be an essential home upgrade for many people. Our garden spaces are our most intimate outdoor spots on the Earth, so it pays to protect it. You might not own much land in the world, but this little spot of green can be called yours, and as such it should be respected. One of the best ways to do this is to install a great garden fence. There are many fencing contractors and types of fence out there, with various types of panelling, wood and general materials used. It pays to find the strongest, most reliable and future-proof fence you can find however, and so consider the following when looking for one:


It’s important for your fencing to keep deep foundations. This will allow for the strongest resistance against wind. Often the best fences have concrete pillars between each panel, and use this to cement in the foundation. Consider how deep the foundations go, but also the material strength of that which borders each panel. This can help you with the eternal annoyance of the garden owner, blown over fences. With great applications here, you shouldn’t experience a problem like that to begin with.


The installation of your home fence is important to consider, because often you can make a mistake if this is your first time. Reliable fencing contractors such as Fencemakers in Perth can lend you a service like this, bringing years of experience to the task of finding your specific garden requirements and fulfilling them. The installation is not something you can easily ignore, as it often brings with it a list of more subtle efforts that can otherwise make or break the integrity of your garden security.

Wood Strength & Applicable Coating

Your wood strength needs to be thick, preferably double thick. It also needs to be of a variety that will not splinter easily. Easy painting and coating will also need to be essential requirements, as it’s likely that you’ll want a custom aesthetic, and for it to handle even the most intense of window periods. You’ll likely also find it a good thing if a soccer ball cannot penetrate it or dent it even with the hardest and closest kick. This will ensure the long term life of your fence, and prevent you from splashing out on another investment in the foreseeable future. This is why it pays to invest in quality now, instead of needing another fence within a matter of a year or so.


The higher your fence, the deeper the foundations will need to go. Ideally, you should find a fence around six to eight feet high, taller than most people, so that the privacy of your garden is assured and people cannot easily climb it if harbouring bad intentions. You can go taller, but it depends on the aesthetic you’re going for and sometimes housing authorities can block this in the interest of how the property space contributes to its environment.

When looking for these things, you can be sure to find a garden fence that is nothing short of excellent.

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