A bathroom makeover

Regular readers of mine will probably know that we moved to our forever home, coming up to three years ago now. My in-laws had done a great job of getting it to where it was when we moved in, but there were some rooms which really needed updating. We redecorated all of the bedrooms, the living room, and the kitchen; but one room we haven’t really touched on is the bathroom. Don’t get me wrong, my in-laws had it updated around 10 years ago (thank goodness – it was an awful avocado green colour before that!) but I would love to remodel it ourselves one day. But, that will probably be quite a few lot of years down the line.

I’m a bit of a daydreamer though and I do have a few wishful makeover posts already on the blog; my visions of a loft library, an office wish list, and an outdoorsy one with a patio makeover. So of course, I have to share my bathroom dreams with you. The main theme of my bathroom would be light & airy, to be both relaxing & comforting. In an ideal world with unlimited funds, we’d probably have to build a separate one for the kids, so they don’t spoil ours!

The bath

We are lucky enough to already have a jacuzzi bath; though it’s incredibly noisy so it’s rare that I even use it, in order not to wake the boys up! I have a choice of two baths that I would love in a bathroom makeover. A freestanding bath just looks so chic, and I especially love the claw footed ones:

Freestanding bath


We wouldn’t actually have enough room for one of these in our bathroom though, so in reality I’d go for a corner bath. I love this one as it still has the lovely claw feet:

Corner bath


The shower

If this were a space and money was no object makeover, I would go for a separate shower to the bath; but once again, reality dictates that we would need an over bath shower. I love the waterfall style showers, so I’d probably go for something like this:



Due to low water pressure where we live our showers aren’t the greatest, but I recently discovered that Salamander pumps have a range of shower pumps that would allow us to have a more revitalising shower!

The sink

Obviously a sink is an essential in a bathroom, so I couldn’t forget that could I? My husband is one of the messiest males I know so if space weren’t an issue, I would love a “his & hers” sink. In reality, I’d continue with the freestanding theme and go for a sink such as this:




I think bathrooms require a great source of lighting; we’re lucky that our bathroom is in a place where we get a good amount of light during the day, but not at night. When I’m having a bath though, I’d prefer the lighting not to be too harsh, so dimmer lighting would be on my wish list.


With the bath style, you can probably tell I’d be going for the shabby chic/vintage look – so of course, the storage would have to match. In reality we don’t have a lot of space for units, but in an ideal world I would absolutely love something like this:



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