Winning the Battle against Writer’s Block – Blogging Isn’t a Walk in the Park

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“All you do is just sit behind a computer all day, tapping away on your keyboard – it’s not hard.” – Sound familiar? Chances are, if you earn a living by working on a computer, someone has attempted to play down just how hard you actually work.

“You don’t do any actual work.”

“You’ve never done an honest day’s work before.”

“How can you be tired? All you’ve done is sitting down all day.”

No, all bloggers do is pull an idea out of thin air and write it down. Not to mention build up our websites, form a content strategy, marketing strategy, trawl through numerous requests and liaise with other bloggers and businesses while keeping on top of life in general.

It’s a walk in the park, obviously. It’s so easy that those who utter such nonsense don’t do what we bloggers do. But if this is so simple, then why don’t they do the same? Why don’t they have a blog?

They Probably Do – They Just Aren’t Very Good At It

It is a fact that 95% of bloggers give up, leaving an abandoned blog which hardly anyone ever saw, or will ever find. Those of us that persevere are in the minority, and that’s because we didn’t give up the first time we came down with a case of writer’s block.

We had a plan, we had a strategy and, most of all, we had something to say. They started up a blog because it was the in thing and everyone has a blog. They said to themselves that they would post a blog every day, which turned into every week, then becoming every other week, then every month and so on and so forth.

It may not have been because they had nothing to write about, but because no one was reading their words. Writing the content is one thing, but marketing it is a full-time job in itself. It can be disheartening, especially when you foolishly expect an audience to find you (if you build it, they will come…).

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Forming a Strategy

If you are a blogger, or you are thinking about creating a blog, you need to formulate two strategies that will rule your entire life. Well, not literally, but not far off. You are going to need a content strategy – what you are going to write about and when – and a marketing strategy – how will you build an audience.

Content Strategy – If you have come this far, then you probably know the niche of your blog (if you don’t, then you really should!) which means that you should familiarise yourself with important dates in the calendar. Mark seasons and points of interest that you can create content around – before you know it, you will have plenty of ideas to see you all year around.

Marketing Strategy – Create social media accounts – we are talking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat amongst others. Reach out to other bloggers in your niche and create relationships. Yes, they may be your competition to an extent, but blogging is better as part of a community. Guest post on other blogs to get your blog’s name out there, and to build up a valuable backlink profile. If you are ever in doubt as to how to attract an audience, there are agencies that offer digital marketing services that specialise in improving your blog’s search visibility.

Staying Relevant

Of course, the times are always changing and half the battle of being a good blogger is staying relevant. Your post from five years ago might have been great, but all of the content is outdated and really doesn’t mean a whole lot now. If you are still reliant on the same tried and tested formula that you were back in 2013, it’s time to change.

Re-evaluate what your blog offers and what it doesn’t offer. What does your audience like and dislike? Never just assume that because something worked way back when that it still works today and, likewise, don’t completely rule out something that may not have had the expected impact on the first try – your audience may now be ready for it.

Not only have we dispelled the myth that all blogging is sitting behind a screen all day, we have also compiled a handy guide for any new blogger, or any blogger that is stuck in a rut. Please don’t turn into the 95%, keep at it!

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