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HelloFresh Ultimate Christmas Dinner Guide

Up until a few years ago I’d never cooked a Christmas dinner; never even thought about it, in fact. Since The Husband & I met almost thirteen years ago, we’d always alternated Christmas & Boxing Day between our families; so there was no need for me to cook Christmas dinner. I did cook at home once; the year we officially moved into our first place together and thought it would be nice to spend it at home, just the two of us.

Then when we moved to our forever home and basically took over the house from my late in-laws, it was about time for us to host Christmas dinner. Really, a Christmas dinner is just a bigger, maybe more effort put into, version of a Sunday roast! I was actually really looking forward to cooking for everyone; six of us in total. I’m a planner in general so one of my first things to plan for that Christmas, was dinner. I didn’t really do anything than I would for a normal Sunday roast, except for the addition of braised red cabbage.

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Preparation is key

I took shortcuts, including premade pigs in blankets, frozen Yorkshire puddings, packet stuffing, and gravy granules! Last year though, the Christmas dinner I cooked was very Slimming World friendly and I made practically everything from scratch. From scratch cooking takes a lot of planning and preparation, but it does reap reward. I haven’t really been feeling it this year and at one point I was considering just ordering everything ready to stick in the oven!

The Ultimate Christmas Dinner Guide

The closer it’s getting to Christmas though, the more motivated I’m feeling. I think my Christmas dinner situation will now be helped by this ultimate Christmas dinner guide produced by HelloFresh. HelloFresh have done all the planning for me; including what to get ready the night before, timings for on the day, and a whole bunch of exclusive recipes. And goodness, do they sound delicious.

HelloFresh Christmas dinner guide night before

HelloFresh Christmas dinner guide secret recipes

HelloFresh Christmas dinner guide Christmas day

Absolutely my type of food, so this cheat sheet is perfect. All I need to do is buy my ingredients, and prepare and cook it all; just following the instructions instead of aimlessly wondering what I need to do next! It has all I need to serve up the ultimate Christmas dinner feast.

HelloFresh Ultimate Christmas DinnerImage credit – HelloFresh

If you’re in a similar predicament or it’s your first year cooking Christmas dinner, then you can get your own copy of the cheat sheet just by entering your email on the sneak peek page.

Happy Christmas cooking!

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