Our May favourites | Parties, LEGO, and fish

Our May - Parties, LEGO and fish

I can’t quite believe we’re now almost half way through the year – it seems to have gone seriously quick. I think probably because J has been at school and I’ve only had one child to contend with during the day. Apart from the mornings he is at pre school too, of course 🙂

Anyway, what did we get up to during May? Looking back, it was a busy one!

Birthday parties

Yet again we attended more birthday parties of J’s school friends. Two in the space of three days, in fact. The first one was a soft play party, on one of the hottest days of the month; so it was great watching a load of sweaty kids running around!

The second one was a disco party at one of the local village halls, so J did lots of dancing! He also had three and a half plates of food; that kid never stops eating…

May faves - Birthday parties

Soreen Disney mini loaves

Both boys absolutely love Soreen malt loaf, and the mini loaves are great for sticking in a packed lunch. The Husband has even had them in his, the big kid that he is. They are also great for lunch times or picnics as they are individually wrapped, and really are just a mini loaf! The new Disney pack design comes in toffee flavour (Frozen theme) or chocolate flavour (Monsters Inc/The Incredibles/Toy Story theme). They’re fun to choose which character you want to eat each day!

May faves - Disney Soreen

May faves - Disney Soreen Frozen

May faves - Soreen mini loaf

Brick City LEGO exhibition

Our local visual arts centre opened a new exhibition in May, running until June 20th. The Brick City exhibition was produced by Warren Elsmore and features many iconic buildings and places from around the world. We attended the opening day, where Jacob made a LEGO passport and the boys became LEGO people! The models themselves were fantastic, and so detailed.

May faves - St Pancras LEGO exhibition

May faves - LEGO exhibition St Pancras

The Deep

The Husband had bank holiday Monday of half term off work and so we decided on an impromptu visit to The Deep. Once we arrived though, I kind of wished we hadn’t bothered; we ended up queuing for 45 minutes, at lunch time, which was fun (said in a sarcastic tone). Once we were inside it didn’t seem so busy as it is such a big place that everyone was spread out and some were gradually leaving. We had a leisurely wander around and explored a couple of sections that we hadn’t before. Unlike our previous visit, we took the submerged tunnel lift which gave us an amazing view of the main fish tank; though I didn’t really look much, because, well, sharks!

May faves - The Deep

May faves - The Deep

May faves - The Deep jellyfish

Simply Cook meal kits

A few months ago I ordered a discount trial of Simply Cook meal kit recipe boxes (with my actual own money). Unlike other recipe subscription boxes, Simply Cook just sends you the spices & marinades that you need to cook your meal; then you only need to add 4-6 extra fresh ingredients that you would probably buy regularly anyway. So you can use them at your leisure as there are no fresh ingredients sent to you. Most of the meals are ready in 20 minutes which have been great for days when we have eaten dinner late, or I can’t be bothered to stand and prep & cook for ages. I’m on my 3rd box now and we have both loved every single recipe, some of which we have never tried the dish before. A definite thumbs up from me!

May faves - Simply Cook

May faves - Simply Cook recipe kit

May faves - simply Cook beef massaman

What did you enjoy during May?

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    1. I get a box every month now, so many different kits and we haven’t been disappointed yet! x

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