Five tips to quit smoking

Five tips to quit smoking

Personally, I’ve never been a smoker, but I know many people who have been, or are still are. I would say around a third have quit smoking – or at least tried – at one point or another. The Husband is an ex-smoker – he’s been off the cigarettes for around eight years now, I think!

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to quit, and his was a no brainer really; if we wanted a referral for fertility treatment, they had to go. We walked out of the doctors and his pack of cigarettes went straight in the bin. I won’t say it was straightforward from there, because it wasn’t. He did have a few blips where I caught him in the act; but I think he just didn’t want to upset me, or for me to see him as a failure.

So not from my personal experience, but I do know how hard it can be to quit.

Five tips to quit smoking

Here are five tips to help with giving up the cigarettes:

Have a strong support network

Make sure there are always people around you who know what you are doing, in order to remind you why you are doing it. They might just be able to give you that extra nudge you need! Leading on to…

Think of your end goal

What are you quitting smoking for? The same reasons as The Husband, mentioned above? To live a longer life for your children? The general risks associated with it? Never lose sight of your end goal.

Chewing gum

Replace the cigarettes with something else – something else not addictive, of course! The Husband replaced his with chewing gum, or you could try mints. Just something that keeps your mouth occupied will be a great help.

Fidget puzzle

If it’s the issue that you need something to do with your hands, then how about a fidget puzzle, cube, or ball? As well as using your hands for something else, it’ll take your mind off the cigarettes as you’ll be occupied for ages!


If you still need that imitation of smoking then you could try vaping. You can purchase a wide range of eliquid from an online vape shop.

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