Dreaming of a book-cake cafe | Lottoland Review

Dreaming of a book-cake cafe Lottoland review

It’s been years since I’ve played the National Lottery here in the UK, and even then I was just an occasional player. The most I ever won was £10, but it’s still a thrill when you do get those winning numbers! My in-laws played every week for years, and not long before he passed away, my father-in-law was quite lucky and managed to bag a five figure sum! The Husband and I were reminiscing recently and said how we should start playing again; you never know when you could actually win big.

Thanks to Lottoland I’ve been doing some lotto betting all around the world, and had a couple of teeny wins; but still, it’s exciting! Lotto betting is slightly different to the usual lottery, in that you bet on the outcome of the lottery; so, which numbers you think will be drawn, rather than actually buying a ticket into the draw. Lottoland features lottery draws from all the world, including one that I’m sure everybody knows – the Euromillions; hop across the Atlantic and you have the Powerball; and one I had a little win on, the Irish Lottery!


Dreaming of a book-cake cafe

As I mentioned, I had a couple of little wins, but of course I was dreaming of winning big. I’m sure we all have those daydreams; what would we do with a million pounds? The first things I would do are pay off our house, buy us both brand new cars, and take my family on a once in a lifetime holiday.

One other thing I have been dreaming of for years since I read a certain cupcake book by Jenny Colgan, is open a dessert cafe. But not any old plain cafe, a “book-cake” cafe! A place for book lovers to come and just chill out, read, and enjoy the company of other book lovers. It would be decorated vintage-shabby chic-village fete style, with bunting, floral prints and vintage signs on the walls. It would have a variety of seating, from white and pastel rustic tables and chairs to comfy sofas with lots of cushions; like a proper home from home. I would have a little library corner, where people can either just pick up a book and sit and read for a couple of hours, or bring and take, like an exchange.

It is a daydream for now, but you never know, maybe one day…

What would you spend a million on?

*Collaborative post with Lottoland

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