November Degustabox review

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I was really excited for November’s Degustabox, which was the Christmas box. I can’t help it, I love Christmas and get excited by anything related to it! The Degustabox delivery day is the best food day of the month for me. Noah loves to help discover what is inside it too, and help set all of the products out for photographing.

  • Enjoy 10 to 15 surprise products, many are completely new to the market!
  • Receive your Degustabox every month filled with goodies.
  • All for much less than you would pay in the shops!

So what was inside the November Degustabox?

November Degustabox review

Hartley’s Glitter Jelly (Mixed Berry, Raspberry)

I’ve eaten lots of jelly in my time, but never glitter jelly so this was a lovely surprise as I’d never heard of it before now either! I am familiar with Hartley’s though. It was so simple to make, being in crystal form, and it gave 4 good sized portions; one for each of us as The Husband & I are big kids really! The flavour was as I expected from Hartley’s, fruity with a slight tang. The glitter was that fine that I couldn’t really see it, but I did it in individual pots; it might have been more visible in a big bowl.

Christian Potier Sauce (Pepper)

I didn’t have any steak in and kept forgetting to buy some so we had this with chicken, potatoes and vegetables in the end. It takes 10 seconds in the microwave which I think is great as you can warm it while serving everything else. The texture was smooth and creamy and the flavour was quite peppery, but it was pepper flavour so I expected nothing less! As mentioned before, I do like my spicy food anyway.

Butterkist Choc Mallow Popcorn

I love Butterkist popcorn and my new favourite was the yogurt coated popcorn that was in a recent Degustabox, but this one may have taken over! It really is chocolatey and the marshmallow gives it a chewy edge in addition to the crunch of the popcorn. Very moreish and I probably could have eaten my way through the whole bag!

Butterkist Sweet Cinema Style Popcorn

I’ve had the sweet cinema style popcorn from Butterkist before so I knew what to expect from this. Crunchy with a golden tasting sweet flavour. The individual portion bags are a good size too and not bad syns for us Slimming World-ers!

Ryvita Thins (Caramelised Onion)

I love that Ryvita has such a wide selection of products with various flavours, but I haven’t come across the caramelised onion thins before. I’ve found these great for snacking on and the flavour is delicious. I could probably eat my way through a whole pack of these too, but then I love pretty much anything onion flavoured. Surprisingly for Jacob, he likes these as well. I’m definitely going to try the sweet chilli flavour, it’s one of my favourite tastes.

Ryvita Crackers (Cracked Black Pepper)

I wasn’t actually aware that Ryvita produced crackers, and they’re not something I eat very often any more so when I do, I like a flavoured cracker. These are fairly spicy, so Jacob wasn’t so keen on these but I really liked them. They’re very crispy and have a lovely wholegrain flavour along with the pepper.

Pipers Crisps (Wild Thyme & Rosemary)

I love Pipers Crisps, and they’re actually made locally to me so whenever we visit the farm shop, I always pick up a different flavour. I haven’t tried this one before though. Considering there was no meaty, cheesy, or onion flavour like I usually go for, these were delicious and moreish; but I shared them with The Husband and he thought the same as me. As I expect from Pipers Crisps, very crunchy too.

Jules Destrooper Butter Crisps

I’ve tried Jules Destrooper products before and I’m actually a naughty Slimming World-er, with a box of JD biscuits tucked away for Christmas! These are such an irresistable flavour; so buttery, creamy, and a wonderful crunch.

J2O Glitterberry

I’ve had J2O Glitterberry before, so I knew what to expect from this. A lovely fruity flavour, with very visible bits of glitter! This is perfect for Christmas parties and get togethers; it would be great for making a punch too.

Michel et Augustin 4 cookie squares

I’ve never heard of this brand before but now I’ve seen that they make a variety of delicious sounding products, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for them! These cookie squares were melt in the mouth beautiful, from the biscuit to the silky smooth chocolate centre. All four of us enjoyed these.

Appy Kids Co The Gruffalo Golden Apple Juice

The boys had this juice and I never got a chance to taste! From what I can gather though, it was very tasty as they wolfed it down and asked for more. It was even more appealing with having The Gruffalo on it.

Ahmad Tea Ltd (Pear & Cinnamon Strudel)

I rarely drink plain tea but I do love a flavoured tea a few times a week. I’ve never heard of this brand but the box was really appealing, as was the flavour. When I think of strudel I think of autumn and winter, and cinnamon spice so I was really looking forward to trying this. In all honesty, I was a little disappointed. I couldn’t really define any of the flavours in it, but it did taste warming.

Broderick’s Crunchy Slam-Dunk Peanut Chunk

I love anything peanut so I was dying to get my hands on this bar; I was not sharing this with the kids! I did let The Husband have some though, but I wish I hadn’t now. It was a-ma-zing. The rice crispy pieces gave it a crunchy texture, while the peanut butter and the chocolate topping had an opposing smoothness. Divine!

The Good Cider (Strawberry, Wild Berry)

I love a fruit cider so I had my eyes on these straight away. The Husband had the Wild Berry one and I had the strawberry one, as that’s my usual go to flavour. I’m not ashamed to admit I drink fruit cider like it’s pop (oops) and this was no different! Not overly sweet and no bitterness to it either. Very strawberry-y!

You can get a whopping £7 off your box by using the code KO8PW!

RRP – £12.99

My rating – 5/5

I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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