Garden makeover

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When we moved into our new (to us) home last September we knew we had a lot of work to do, both in the house and with the land outside. We inherited a lot of land (including two gardens and another large grassed area), but unfortunately came a lot of junk too which we are still trying to clear – I imagine we will still be doing that this time next year! The main thing I wanted to sort out though was the back garden, as the back door is the one we use most so it is a focal point, and it’s where we relax and the boys play so it was important to me to get it looking nice and have a garden makeover.

It was a bit of a mess but we are slowly getting there. As I have never had my own garden to look after and make pretty, it took me a while to find my green fingers, but they have appeared and I am loving it now! I love going to the garden centre for plants, and we have started growing fruit and vegetables too. Though, that is only in containers and a mini greenhouse at the moment as we still have a little area to sort out for growing more veg. 

The first area we tackled was these corners on our patio. They had big ugly prickly bushes in them and I just didn’t like them. So quite simply, they came out – well, it actually took hubby and his brother to pull them out! I then found a box of shake and sprinkle scented wildflower seeds in Aldi, so I sprinkled those in there and I love how much they have grown! Well, on one side anyway as one of them got neglected for a while and ended up with a huge nettle growing onto it from the hedge, so some of the flowers got squashed and pushed out, so I’m currently sorting those out.

Garden makeover overgrown patio corners
Patio corners before, with awful bushes
Garden makeover wildflower corner
One of the patio corners after, with growing wildflowers

We then made a start on the borders either side of the grass. They had completely overgrown with grass so hubby dug those out; when digging a bush root from the side nearest the patio we actually found a lot of bulbs deep in the ground that hadn’t grown, and in fact when I am planting I am still digging them out! The boys are also growing sunflowers down this side now.

Garden makeover overgrown border
An example of how overgrown the borders were!
Garden makeover border 1 after
Bringing the borders back to life
Garden makeover border 2
Part way through digging up the 2nd border!
Garden makeover - border 2 after
The boys’ sunflowers are growing

We have planted a tayberry tree, which I actually thought was a raspberry tree when I bought it, until I read the label before planting and saw it said tayberry. They’re quite nice actually, being a cross between a raspberry and blackberry. I bought TomTato® and Egg & Chips® plants and they have been potted for now, along with some Capsipop plants which are currently in my mini greenhouse. I also had some strawberry plants in there that I was kindly given from a friend, but they’ve been brought out and repotted into trough containers now they have grown up!

Garden makeover - strawberry plants

We’re going to have a herb garden too in one of the corners next to the wildflowers. I can’t wait for this, it will smell amazing! Next to the herb garden is going to be where we will be growing some veg. It was originally a water feature connected to the pond, but we’re going to clean it out and fill it with soil ready for planting.

Garden makeover herb garden in progress
This is going to be the herb garden
Garden makeover veg plot
This is going to be a little veg plot

Compared to how it was when we moved in, I am so pleased with how the garden makeover is coming along. I just need to keep on top of it now to keep growing fruit & veg and keep my flowers alive; something that I’ve not been very good at previously…

Have you ever had to do a garden makeover?

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  1. We haven;t had to do anything quite as extreme as that, but we too are in the middle of doing up our garden. It looks like you have made some great progress!

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