Our favourite five – May | Birmingham, boats, and bananas

favourite five

May has been quite a chilled month for us, we’ve just been plodding along day-to-day really and enjoying the nicer weather – when it’s decided to show its face, anyway! We have had a couple of exciting deliveries though, and Jacob & I had a mini trip away by ourselves.

Here are our favourite five for May:

A new trampoline

When we moved here there was a trampoline that Grandad had for the boys before he passed away, and we brought one with us but in all honesty, they were both a little worse for wear; one didn’t have an enclosure, the enclosure was ripped on the other, and we couldn’t find another one to fit either of them as they were both old and second hand. So, we bought a new one!


Thinktank Science Museum

May was the month for BlogCamp and like many fellow bloggers, I was really looking forward to attending, but due to a mix up with my ticket (long story!) I could no longer attend. I had already booked a non refundable train and hotel though so I decided I would still be going to Birmingham, and then I decided that I would take Jacob with me and we would have some quality time together as we don’t get as much as I do with Noah. I turned it into a surprise adventure for him and he loved it.



Like in last month’s favourite five, a random food thrown in for good measure. Between us, we have eaten so. many. bananas. Noah is obsessed with them and will gladly eat 2 or 3 a day, and I eat at least one a day, so I end up having to buy at least 3 bunches a week! We could really do with a banana tree…

Muscle Food

I’ve mentioned Muscle Food briefly in my weigh in updates and you may have seen me posting about it on Instagram & Twitter. It’s a health company a few of my friends have ordered from and after seeing a great offer on their Facebook page, I decided to give them a go. So we have been enjoying loads of their fresh meat this month, some lovely juicy steaks making our meals even more tasty!

Muscle Food

A boat

My husband inherited a trailer (well, two actually) from his Dad when he passed away last year, and it has actually come in really handy for numerous tip runs over the last few months! But the boys have also decided it makes a great pretend boat. So their Uncle decided to buy them an actual (second hand) boat. To play in. How cool is that?! Best Uncle ever 😉


What have been your favourites this month?

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2 thoughts on “Our favourite five – May | Birmingham, boats, and bananas

  1. Sounds like a fab month! My son loves bananas too, he likes it with porridge, with yogurt and on its own. Trampoline, that’s the best thing I’ve ever bought, my kids like it a lot… my husband likes to lie on it under the sun as well. The boat, I would love one too… #OurFaveFive
    Cheryl @ ReimerandRuby recently posted…Highlights of MayMy Profile

  2. My boys LOVE their trampoline too. We also had to buy a new one recently as the storms ruined our last one. I can’t believe your boys have an actual boat to play with!!! WOW Not heard of Muscle food before but they look fab!

    Thanks so much for linking up to #OurFaveFive lovely. I hope to see you back again next month xx
    Maria recently posted…How to remove nail polish from carpetMy Profile

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