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Jacob is at that age now where it feels like he asks 500 questions a day, about anything and everything. He is such a curious little person, and with his brother wanting to do everything he does, he is closely following in his footsteps. We do a lot of learning activities and crafts at home but one thing we don’t really focus on is science.

Of course, we encounter science absolutely everywhere in our everyday lives and unless we start teaching our children about it from a young age, they just think things “work”. Obviously there is science behind how everything works but I must admit, science wasn’t my favourite subject at school and I have limited knowledge so I’m not the best equipped to teach my children about it.

That is where Little House of Science come in. Little House of Science classes involve project based workshops for curious minds starting at 6 months old, all the way up to 11 years old! The three founders (Veronika Covington, Liliana Crachilova and Elisabeth Keck) wanted to satisfy young curious minds and help children to find answers to their questions about the world around them, ranging from how plants breathe to the universe and its galaxies.

Little House of Science little maths

The Little Maths, Rhythm & Shapes class for ages 2-4 would be perfect for Noah to attend, to build on his already growing knowledge of how numbers work, and doing it in an exciting way including games, play, props, music, and rhythm. He would especially love the dinosaurs topic that is featured!

Little House of Science little science

Jacob would love attending the Little Science classes for ages 3-8. The interactive talks and experiments and small group sizes in these classes would really appeal to him as he is a very hands on person and manages better in smaller groups of children. I especially love that these classes build up through the ages, starting with drawing and colouring for the younger children, leading up to more complex experiments at the higher age range.

Little House of Science also offer educational franchise opportunities for those passionate about science, perfect for those who also love working with children. Find more detailed information over on the website.

Do your children take an interest in science with their curious minds?

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