My Valentine’s Tech Wish List

Valentine's tech wish list

I’m sure we all know that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner as we cannot avoid the masses of chocolate, teddies and flowers popping up everywhere – but I don’t want any of that! I must admit I am usually rather anti-Valentine but if somebody my husband was to surprise me with a gift of something from the tech world, I would be over the moon at that! You can give me that over hearts & flowers any day. Just in case my husband is watching, here are the top three items on my tech wish list:

Panasonic Lumix Compact Cameras
The only camera I use nowadays is my phone camera but as good as it is, I would love a separate portable camera. A DSLR or a bridge are great but chunky to haul about, so one of these would be great for those days where I want to take amazing photos but also want something small to carry about.

Panasonic Lumix camera - tech wish list


Fitbit Charge HR (Teal)
I have been lusting after an activity tracker for ages now to track my steps and sleep (or lack of it). I know lots of people who rave about the Fitbit, especially the Charge. I would like one in a colour other than black too, I rather like this teal one.

Fitbit Charge HR - tech wish list

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad (White)
I use my mobile phone a lot – for the camera, social media, blogging, etc. so it always seems to be on charge. Ever since I got my Samsung Galaxy S6 last year I have been hankering after one of these so I can charge my phone wherever I am, without it having to be connected to the wall. Alas, I still don’t have one!

Samsung wireless charging pad - tech wish list

So husband (or any secret admirers out there); I may be anti-Valentine but I could certainly change that idea if I received something from my wish list. 😉

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