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Yet again I’m late with this update as yet again it’s almost time for the next one, in another week. J & his brother are totally siphoning my energy at the moment so I just can’t keep up. Never mind!

I’ve posted before how he had behavioural problems at nursery but recently he has been getting a good report when I collect him; I’m thinking maybe the Pitstop we have been attending has done some magic on him, but then I think well he is pretty much still just the same at home! Maybe they are dealing better with him than I am, after all they are trained in dealing with children whereas I just make it up as I go along, ha!

One of the issues that started recently is at bedtime. It literally takes two of us to get him to bed as he just does not want to go and becomes violent toward us. On one of the worst nights it took over an hour and in that time he kicked, screamed, pulled my hair, poked our eyes, continually demanded food just to waste time, and asked to go live with other family members; other times we have also been bitten and punched. In all honesty, it really has started to take its toll on me and I sometimes wish I was somewhere else during one of these episodes. Despite all of this, he is still a brilliant little helper! He is just like Jekyll & Hyde sometimes…

I mentioned last time that we’d had a little progress with potty/toilet training and in fact there has been a little more progression since then. At the beginning of last month, he started doing most of his wee’s on the toilet both at nursery and home – still no poo though! I was very proud of him that day he decided to go to the toilet at home without any prompting from me.

His conversational skills are also progressing brilliantly and I have to share one of the conversations we had on the walk home from nursery recently:
Me: “Come on baby, let’s go home”
J: “I’m a baby”
Me: “Well no, you’re not really a baby, but you’ll always be Mummy’s baby”
J: “You’re my baby Mummy”

He has also started calling his brother “My Noah” and will hold his hand, although sometimes N just doesn’t want to!

Current favourites
Food – Yogurt coated rice cakes
Drink – Happy orange minion juice (orange squash!)
TV – Team Umizoomi, Blaze and the Monster Machines
Movies – Walking With Dinosaurs
Toys – Mega Bloks
Books – The Three Little Pigs

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  1. So cute he's calling you his baby. I love their conversations at that age. It sounds like he's enjoying nursery a lot too x

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