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A two week update this week as we went away on our staycation last Saturday and didn’t get chance to post!
Day 165 / June 14th
I made a chocolate Baileys & Lindor cheesecake for bake club on Friday, and we had the leftovers today. It was so good. (Recipe coming soon!)

Day 166 / June 15th
As I was heading out the door for a run, these two were taking advantage of technology…

Day 167 / June 16th
A gorgeous sunny day today so after playing outside all morning we decided to have an al fresco lunch. J looks grumpy but I think he was just admiring his plate!

Day 168 / June 17th
J & I love flower spotting on the way home from nursery and we found this gorgeous one today.

Day 169 / June 18th
This photo is more of an afterthought, after remembering I hadn’t taken a photo yet today! These are really good…

Day 170 / June 19th
I bought these at weigh in on Tuesday after having a little taster, they are so nice!

Day 171 / June 20th
Staycation day! We stopped for coffee on the way to Norfolk and I needed it as I was falling asleep, good job I wasn’t driving!

Day 172 / June 21st
We visited Dinosaur Adventure today as Daddy got in for free; so many photos to choose from but I will share more in a separate post. I love this one though!

Day 173 / June 22nd
We had a more relaxed day today. N decided it would be fun to walk around with a bucket on his head…

Day 174 / June 23rd
Who can guess where we visited today? So many photos to choose from here too that I will also share in a separate post, but this is a lovely one of the boys together.

Day 175 / June 24th
Today we had a visit to the Sea Life centre in Great Yarmouth then had a visit to the beach. I absolutely adore this shot of N exploring the sand.

Day 176 / June 25th
We visited Wroxham Barns today (where I spent too much money). After we visited the farm, the boys had a go on the Peppa ride.

Day 177 / June 26th
Our last day and we went swimming. N had a lot of fun and was shattered afterwards!

Day 178 / June 27th
We had a long day today with our journey home, unpacking, shopping, and so on – I forgot to take a photo!

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