Project 365, 2015 (days 158-164)

Day 158 / June 7th
The only photo I took today. Leftover Slimming World fishcake with some salad for lunch.

Day 159 / June 8th
We have started getting activity bags from our course we have been going to. This week it was an Old McDonald theme and J really enjoyed playing with the farm animals.

Day 160 / June 9th
J is getting really creative with his building lately!

Day 161 / June 10th
N was loving his mini ice cream for dessert today! Though it was covered in chocolate and he didn’t really know what to do with it so just sat staring at it for a while first!

Day 162 / June 11th
I had a couple of jobs to do so I got some porridge oats and equipment out for the boys to play with, it kept them occupied for a long while!

Day 163 / June 12th
Tonight was bake club and this month it was a “surprise” theme…

Day 164 / June 13th
Another food photo, sorry… After overindulging at bake club last night I was back on plan today as I really want that two stone before I go on holiday!

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