Project 365, 2015 (days 88-94)

Day 88 / March 29th
We had the in-laws round for tea today so I took the chance to make some Betty Crocker chocolate fudge brownies which we received to review.

Day 89 / March 30th
I only completely tidied the boys room yesterday and they slowly made a mess of it again today. I’m surprised it lasted that long to be honest!

Day 90 / March 31st
We went to Grandad’s today for Daddy to fix his car but I’d already planned that we were going to make an Easter bonnet today, so we took it with us instead!

Day 91 / April 1st
J tried on his finished Easter bonnet once it had all dried. He wouldn’t stay still for me to get a decent photo so I was constantly snapping and managed to capture this duck face!

Day 92 / April 2nd
We went to a birthday party this evening but earlier today we made some cornflake nests – J decided to eat the eggs instead of decorate with them…

Day 93 / April 3rd
I made up the boys’ Easter basket today and I love this little book that I bought to put in it.

Day 94 / April 4th
We had a sleepover at Nanna’s today and it was only when hubby & I went to bed that I remembered I hadn’t taken a photo yet!

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