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It wasn’t that long ago when I posted J’s last update, but it’s only been just over a week since he turned 3 years 1 month and I’m trying to get these updates posted sooner – maybe I’ll have a bit more consistency now!

He is definitely outgrowing the toddler stage now and turning into a proper little boy – I can’t get my head around the fact he’ll be going to school next year. He is fast becoming the man of the house – he wants to do everything that we do and has an almighty strop if he can’t. His new favourite activity is washing up – I’ve never seen someone get so upset over the fact that they can’t do it! I do usually let him if he asks but if it’s already being done and I’m nearly finished, well, he goes into meltdown. At this stage he likes to tell us repeatedly “I’m crying” even though we can definitely hear him! He is getting better at dressing himself, and he’s also started choosing his own outfits – we have some really random ones!

I mentioned last time that he had done his first wee on the potty. Since then he has done a few more but nothing consistent; I think we really need to knuckle down with it as he’s obviously ready because he asks to go on it, just not all of the time. He has done a wee on the toilet too, when he went with Grandad, but doesn’t really show any other interest in it. Nanna has bought him some Minion pants for when he does a poo on the potty but even that hasn’t encouraged him!

I love that I can now have a proper full blown conversation with him. I do have to correct some of his sentences sometimes though, for example he will still say “Me can do it” instead of “I” but he is getting there. He loves singing at the minute too; nursery rhymes, TV tunes, and he loves bopping along to the Kaiser Chiefs in the car (Mummy adores Ricky Wilson…). Though instead of ‘home’, sometimes he says ‘homo’ – we always correct him, bless him!

We are still having pretty much the same meal time issues. The only meal of the day where he has a variety is breakfast – he will eat almost anything then, pretty much the same thing every day for lunch, and we have major issues at tea time. He eats so well at nursery though, so it’s frustrating. Although he has started eating a lot more fruit; when I make a fruit salad the boys always share it with me and J eats everything that’s in it, where he only used to eat bananas & blueberries before. So I guess we are seeing a change, slowly but surely.

Current favourites
Food – Grapes
Drink – ‘Minion juice’ (orange or blackcurrant squash/happy minion or scary minion!)
TV – Blaze & The Monster Machines
Movies – Hop
Toys – Wooden tea set
Books – The Gruffalo, Bedtime Bear story set


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