Project 365, 2015 (days 81-87)

Day 81 / March 22nd
We were at my brother-in-law’s for tea tonight and the day before he’d promised J a cookie, N decided that he wanted some too. This a rare moment of affection! (N looks down in the dumps too because the poor boy had conjunctivitis).
Day 82 / March 23rd
I’m a member of The Orchard with Tesco and one of the campaigns I’ve had recently is fresh flowers. These ones are looking lovely.

Day 83 / March 24th
We were meant to be going to one of our regular play groups today but N had conjunctivitis and had been sick so we stayed home. I decided to get the tuff spot out for some messy play with flour as N needed a bath anyway and I managed to get our tea prepared for the slow cooker!

Day 84 / March 25th
N was feeling a bit better today and J was at nursery so he got in some play time on his bounce ‘n’ spin without J wanting to be in on the action!

Day 85 / March 26th
Another day and more sickness in the night when we ended up having to give N a bath and wash his sheets at 1.30am and then he came in with us. We seem to be plagued by illness this week.

Day 86 / March 27th
Kind of a cheat photo today, taking a photo of my latest Slimming World weigh in.

Day 87 / March 28th
At snack time today the boys were testing some new fruit bars from Organix.

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