Project 365, 2015 (days 53-59)

Day 53 / February 22nd
N was shattered today after a sleepless night and he sat with this rice cake in his mouth like this for about 10 minutes, we almost thought he might fall asleep like that!

Day 54 / February 23rd
I don’t know what happened, I just forgot today… (I’ll probably end up with a few of them this year instead of random photos! Never mind, hey…)

Day 55 / February 24th
Fit Tots today and there was a new ballpool with air blowers on – J found it amusing to blow it in his mouth!

Day 56 / February 25th
Couldn’t decide between these two photos today. We took N food shopping while J was at nursery and he just looked so cute & grown up in his little hat. Then when we picked J up we went to my brother-in-law’s and popped into the shoe shop on the way home – J ran straight for this before he would leave the shop!

Day 57 / February 26th
A visit to Grandad’s today and J fed the fish.

Day 58 / February 27th
I actually took this from a video, but it still counts right as it was from a moving photo?! Yeah… Anyway. N loves pushing this racing car up & down the hall as it makes a loud noise!

Day 59 / February 28th
It’s N’s birthday tomorrow and I left present wrapping until the last minute! Maybe I’ll be more organised for J’s in 2.5 weeks…

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