Packing for a Scottish Highland holiday

I’ve written previously about my love of Scottish Highland cottage holidays; pre-children we visited just about every year from 2007 onward but we’ve only visited once since J was born, and that’s when he was six months old so not really too active. That time we also went with my mum and stepfather so we had the opportunity to explore on our own – we’ll probably have to wait until they’re all grown up for a relaxing holiday now!

We were recently saying that we’re getting withdrawal symptoms so we may visit for an annual holiday next year, though it might have to be on the Highland borders so we’re near plenty to do for the boys. There are so many places we want to visit too that we keep meaning to but never get around to doing so. Most of these involve the great outdoors – well, you do go to the Highlands to be outdoors don’t you?

I have a tendency to leave packing until the last minute, and even then hubby says I pack way too much – truthfully, I probably do, but I like to be prepared for every eventuality! There are essentials that are always on my list though:

  • a camera (other than a smartphone) – though I only have a bridge camera, I hope to own a DSLR one day.
  • a decent pair of walking boots – as this is one of the main activities of our Highland holidays.
  • a waterproof coat – we usually go in autumn and you can never guarantee the weather!
  • warm jumpers – as you can also never guarantee the temperature! These jumpers I found online are perfect for the unpredictable Scottish weather.
  • comfortable trousers – for all of the walking.
  • a flashlight – you never know when the power may go out, and you’ll be a hero if you have a bright flashlight handy
  • hair straighteners – strange one, I know. But with my hair, I need to take them everywhere I go…
  • books/e-reader – for cosy nights in front of the fire.
  • a bottle of creamy liqueur – to complete those cosy nights of course.
Those are items that I must take with me – it doesn’t bode well for my husband if I forget (like the one time I actually did forget to pack my hair straighteners).
I have so many wonderful memories of our Scottish Highland holidays and I could talk and write about them all day. I hope as a family we get to make many more memories that will stay with us forever as the Highlands hold a special place in our heart.
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