Little man N at 1 year old!

I can’t quite believe the time for this particular update has finally come around – it feels like only a couple of months ago that I wrote his first one! So as it is, my little baby boy is now one year old, and veering away from being a baby and turning into a cheeky little toddler instead. Both my boys have cheeky personalities, but I think N is even more so than J!

He hasn’t been weighed since his ten month check which I mentioned in his last update so I have no idea how much he weighs now – he is a proper chunk though and you can really feel his weight when holding him! I’m not worried though – if I was then I would have had him weighed by now – he never stops eating but on the other side of that, he’s always on the move so it balances out and I’m sure he will get a bit thinner and leveled out like his brother once he starts walking. He is now down to only one bottle a day, but it’s 7-8oz he has now as it fills him up a bit more for bed time. We moved him on to whole cow’s milk just before his first birthday too so no more formula buying. His favourite food at the minute is still bananas – though he will gobble down practically anything and has taken to snatching food when we hand it to him!

He is certainly growing cheekier by the day. He loves to torment his brother too, as I mentioned in his last update he has started to ‘get his own back’ on J – he is getting braver every day and I feel like a referee most days! I forgot how often the word no is used at this age! When we say no to him we shake our head at the same time, he thinks it’s funny and shakes his head too with a smile on his face, cheeky monkey! He’s into everything at the minute and won’t keep out of the kitchen cupboards so we have finally gotten around to fixing clip locks into them as he prefers the food cupboard and emptying containers onto the floor…

We don’t have any new words yet though I think it won’t be long until they really start coming out as he loves to copy easy noises. He knows what he wants though and has other ways of telling us! He has no more teeth but I think there are one or two on the way (his brother also has his final two coming so I have two teething children at the minute!).

Not long after I posted his 11 month update, he finally stood by himself – he didn’t realise it though and so it was kind of hit & miss for a while though he’s getting more & more confident by the day. He’s dying to walk too but he just won’t let go of our hands or the furniture; a couple of times though he has tried to get something quickly and taken half a step before realising and plonking himself down!

I know he is leaning against the sofa here, but he did actually stand before this!

We have one milestone card left now, and that’s the one that says today I walked for the first time – maybe we’ll have that one to show you on his next update!

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